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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer

Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Bunker Shots

Bunker Shots Can Be Tricky

Next we want to address an area that many golfers dread, the sand trap.  Really, bunker shots in golf is not as hard as we make it out to be, but you must stay aggressive with the shot, and to hit the shot aggressively, it helps to be confident with your shot.  If you have no confidence in the first place, it becomes somewhat of a catch 22. But like almost anything, take some knowledge and add some practice, and pretty soon you’re hitting some good shots and the confidence starts to blossom.  There are going to be times when you have to execute the bunker shot, so it has to be an integral part of your short game (see

Practice All Varieties of these Shots

Understand first there are a few varieties of this shot, for instance is it uphill, downhill, sitting up or plugged in the sand, or wedged against the lip where sand meets grass. Every shot must be approached just a little differently to give you the best chance at success. Be sure to practice every situation when you’re practicing your sand shots.  Finding a club with the right loft that you are comfortable with will be something you have to do prior to the golf course.

Fearless Golf

Fearless Golf

Setting up to the ball is your first order of business after you have decided how you want to play the shot. I like to play the ball a little farther back then most, making sure I catch sand first but definitely accelerating through the sand, letting the sand take the ball.  As my confidence builds and I’m feeling more comfortable and confident, I’ll move the ball forward and open my stance, which “pops” the ball a little quicker, but for me demands a little more finesse.  But if you can really get confident with this shot, it can be a game-changer, as you won’t have to play away from the traps with your approach shots to such a degree.

The two biggest problems most people have with trying to play bunker shots golf are “quitting” on the ball, or not accelerating through it, or flipping the wrists at contact, which often results in the club face sliding under the ball. Both usually result in having to make a second sand shot. The shot requires an aggressive approach and an aggressive blast and follow-through.

Finally, I know everyone has said that you must blast the sand, and the sand explodes the ball out.  That is true for bunker shots around the green; only in rare instances will you strike the ball before the sand.  But if you are making a fairway bunker shot obviously the ball won’t go far if you don’t strike it.  For this shot you want to place the ball back a little in your stance, make sure you strike the ball on the downswing and cut down on your swing.  Don’t expect to get a great deal of distance, so go more for accuracy to place the ball well for your next shot.





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