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Great Book Offer

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Calculate Golf Handicap- How to Calculate (and Understand) It

Taking the Mystery Out of Calculating the Golf Handicap

The reason we calculate golf handicap is are quite simple: it gives golfers a score that is adjusted with our ability to play.  This handicapped total then allows us to compete with presumably any other golfer, professional or beginner.  For example, if my golf handicap is 12, and I would like to challenge Rory McIlroy to a round of golf, we’d  compete by the handicap method.  Obviously if I played Rory 100 times even up, he will without a doubt beat me every time.  However my 12 handicap ought to even the playing field.

Based on my 12 handicap, I’d get a stroke for all of the twelve most demanding golf holes on the course, if McIlroy will be carrying a zero handicap, making him a “scratch” golfer.  It is possible to own a handicap lower than zero, also referred to as a plus handicap.  Given that he is one of the best players in the world, he probably carries a plus handicap, which means that I’d be given more golf holes where I would get a stroke.  This handicap number for every hole can be found on the golf card which has each hole been given a number beginning  at one to eighteen.  The most difficult golf hole on the course would be number one, number 18 is the easiest.

How to Arrive at Your Handicap Number

So now that you know the reasons you’d want to establish a handicap, just how can we obtain that number?  You would think it is pretty standardized, but it is not.  Probably the simplest, and by far your best way in my opinion to arrive at a handicap is to input your information into a computer at the golf course.  It maintains a record of the scores, and tells you what your handicap is.  However here’s what is behind those numbers.

In the United States golf handicaps will be calculated using a few variables.  These are a player’s scores over his most up-to-date rounds, plus the course rating and slope from those rounds.  Each golf course will use a course ratings score, usually between 67 and 77.  This is a number based on a “good” score shot by a scratch golfer.  It will also be given a slope rating, that being a figure between 55 and 155 that describes the relative difficulty of a course for any bogey golfer (one over par for every hole).

Both course and slope ranking will be given on each scorecard (see the illustration above), and with a rather complex formulation this course handicap system is going to go into the golfer’s handicap index.  A golfer’s handicap index will be calculated using the average from the top ten differentials in the player’s previous twenty rounds.  If the course rating is 69.3, the course slope is 117 along with the golfer’s handicap index is 10.5, the formula is (10.5 X 117) / 113 = 11.  That would be the golfer’s handicap for the round.

In the United Kingdom there’s a company that will officially registers golf handicaps called Elite Golf Solutions.  For folks who aren’t club members they will supply a documented golf handicap certificate.  You’ll send your golf scorecards, or else copies of them, and they compute then update your golf handicap like a golf club will.  They then send you a certificate that is the size of a credit card.  It’s also good that they keep an entire stats package for a person’s entire game.  Many courses such as St. Andrews Old Course require them before you step on the first tee.

As I stated earlier, it is simpler to download your scores into the golf course computer to find your handicap and allow it to do the job.  Check out more articles and information on the website



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