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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer

Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Golf Courses

Adare Golf Course

Adare Golf Course- An Excellent Irish Course and Place to Stay

Adare Golf Course, located only 25 miles from Shannon Airport in southwest Ireland, is a great spot to play a round of golf on a magnificent Irish course.  Additionally perhaps you will stay at the adjacent Adare Manor, merely a quick walk from the course.  This 18-hole Championship Course launched in 1995 was the last major golf course made by Robert Trent Jones Sr is touted as among his finest projects.


The front nine works around a 14 acre body of water and the whole course prominently brings into play the River Maigue.  I played here a couple of years ago at a time of year, early June, that the Irish will tell you is when the island is at its most brilliant emerald.  But the mature trees, water and parkland setting will make it a memorable game of golf if you plan to play here.

The Adare Manor Hotel is a Converted Old Castle

But there is however a lot more than golf.  The Adare Manor Hotel is a complete place to stay, as the accommodations are wonderful plus the restaurant certainly first-rate.  The earliest construction was built on the site around the 1720s, and in 1832 labor began on the present magnificent building.  It was constructed around the older structure which had been subsequently torn down around 1862.

Over the years it slowly and gradually fell into poor shape as a result of the expensive upkeep, and in 1984 the building was sold as well as contents to the American businessman Tom Kane.  While transforming it into the five star hotel that it is, and he has bought back a number of the invaluable artifacts that had been sold by the former owner.  The Manor Hotel has been chosen Ireland’s leading hotel at the World Travel Awards in the years 2010-2012, as well as the world’s leading boutique golf resort in 2012.


The Village of Adare is within Walking Distance

I would strongly recommend playing Adare golf course and staying at the Manor Hotel.  They run deals throughout summer that are really attractive.  The village of Adare is within walking distance, and it happens to be a captivating Irish town.  Renowned as one of Ireland’s most beautiful places, it will seem more plotted out compared to most little Irish villages.

Additionally there is the general location with Adare: located in County Limerick, it is only about ninety minutes from the Ring of Kerry.  This is a very scenic drive that isn’t real easy to traverse, but the landscape is definitely worth the driving inconvenience.   One other popular tourist attraction around an hour out of Adare will be the Cliffs of Moher, a little to the south from Galway.   At their peak they rise 700 feet over the Atlantic Ocean, and draw in about a million visitors annually.

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Muirfield Golf Course

Muirfield Golf Course- A Great Test of Golf

The 2013 British Open was at Muirfield Golf Course near Edinburgh, Scotland, and certainly as with all of the Open golf courses carries a long and rich golfing history.  It is a links golf course, but there are a few worthy of note variations with this particular course.  In watching The Open played in 2013 you probably observed a course format that is a bit different, and those differences can have a major impact on how the course will be played.


First, let’s talk about this aged, wonderful golf course and with its bond with The British Open.  It has hosted the Championship 15 times, the first in 1892.  The champions are actually a virtual who’s-who for golfers throughout history: Harry Vardon, Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Alf Perry, Walter Hagen, Tom Watson, Nick Faldo (twice), and most recently in 2002 by Ernie Els.  This is the home of the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, which claims to be the first verifiable organized golf club in the world, dating back to 1744.

This Golf Course Was Designed and Built in 1891

This association built the course in 1891 one year before the first Open, with Old Tom Morris the main designer.  It had been widely acclaimed as a great course from the beginning, but of course has already been altered and restructured a few times since.


As we said prior, it is a true Scottish links golf course, which means it is constructed on ground “linking” the sea with terrain that is agricultural.  These coastal links courses typically run along side the seaside, going out with the front nine and return with the back nine.  Muirfield was one of the courses which went away from this pattern.  It’s basically a couple of loops of nine holes, one running clockwise together with the other counterclockwise.

Things to watch for is the direction from where the wind is blowing (and there generally is a lot of wind in Edinburgh), and the wind direction will be change regularly for the golfers.  No more than three golf holes will ever be following the same direction at any time.  The pros will be continually adapting to the wind direction.

Nevertheless the pros have always spoken well of this golf course, as even though there are some quirks that links golf courses often have, it’s viewed as an extremely fair test of the game.  Plus as excellent courses frequently do, they divide the greats from the remainder of the field.  With the number of all-time best found on the champions list, Muirfield golf course is considered one of the best.  And if you ever visit this course, do yourself a favor and spend time visiting one of my personal favorite locations in Europe that’s close by: Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Ireland Golf Courses- What to Anticipate

Ireland Golf Courses- Book These Great Courses

Ireland Has Over 300 Golf Courses

Ireland golf courses definitely can be a challenge, and it doesn’t matter what season you play them.  I’ve played at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland during May, and it had been blustery, cold and wet.  But I’ve played at other times during the year and the weather can be brilliant.  You just will never know, so show up ready for everything.  The weather is most likely going to be a significant part in your golf game, when or wherever you play.  Accordingly be geared up, and  check out where to buy equipment for your trip on the internet.

Actually, the climate in Ireland is often very pleasant.  Temperatures typically range within the 40 to 50 degree Fahrenheit range during the winter months and 60 to 70 degrees into the summer season.  There will be a good deal of rain, more within the Western part of the country than the East.  But it is often quick to change, as it might be beautiful one minute and an unexpected storm may blow in without notice off the Atlantic.  Just put the rain-gear on and be patient, since it could promptly blow by.

Long Days Make Ireland Golf Courses Where to Play in Summer

One more extra benefit  to playing Ireland golf in the summer is the duration of the days.  People don’t realize it, but Ireland is on comparable latitude as Southern Alaska, and over the middle of summer you may still be on the course at 9 and 10 PM.  The relatively mild temperatures will be due to the temperate Atlantic currents, which are also responsible for the volatility of the conditions.

But what stands out as the most important draw with Irish golf?  To begin with, if you are a fan of link-type courses, Ireland is the place for you.  You will never exhaust your supply of golf courses to experience, as there are over 400 courses in the Republic of Ireland plus 300 more in Northern Ireland.  But there’s nothing ordinary regarding these golf courses; you can play along steep cliff tops with breathtaking sights, and walk by quaint villages or castles.  We rave about the scenery of Pebble Beach, and it is breathtaking.  But comparable visuals is commonplace on Irish courses for only a fraction of the price. - Book Your Tee Time Today

Look for Discounts on Ireland Golf Courses on Last Minute Golfer

Speaking of value, it is possible to find several great deals for tee times if you would like to play midday.  Look at our website for booking tee times and you could at the moment book at Royal Portrush for $75 per person.  Or to experience an old favorite within Southwest Ireland, Ballybunion (if you play the old course) will cost $95 playing during the morning.  Irish golf courses are taking on a higher popularity with the golfing public, but one can find clearly abundant courses for this small of a nation, making for aggressive competition for our trade.  Because of the fact the Irish economy is still down, you can find several outstanding deals for tee times and golf packages.

I think a lot more than the price, Irish golf provides something much greater.  The rain might be annoying, but it really gives a emerald richness for a landscape which is really hard to find.  The Irish will let you know that the very best time to encounter the Emerald Isles is in late May and early June.  And speaking about the Irish, there in all probability aren’t a more gregarious, fun-loving people anywhere.  Ireland golf courses are an incredible experience, but the entire experience of Ireland will make it an escape any person must take.


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St. Andrews Golf Course- The Birthplace of Golf

St. Andrews Golf Course

St. Andrews

I thought I’d pass along some thoughts on a visit I took recently to the birthplace of golf, and the place that has hosted The Open an incredible 28 times.  St. Andrews Golf Course in Scotland gives a different impression in person than on television, but everything about it is first class.  From how they take care of the golfer to the famous Scottish charm, you can’t help but being enamored with this place.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to play golf there, but while I had a few days in Edinburgh, which by the way is a beautiful city, I wanted to at least spend a few hours in St. Andrews. It’s about 50 miles northeast of Edinburgh, and although we go practically everywhere by rail here, the train station isn’t in St. Andrews, but about 5 miles away. From there you can reach the course by bus or cab.

Spend Some Time in the Town of St. Andrews

Old Course Clubhouse

The town of St. Andrews is quite charming, and as you would expect there are many shops that cater to golf. But it is a university town, and before it was established as the birthplace of golf the city of St. Andrews was a Scottish religious center. Obviously there is more to the city than just golf.

My impressions of the golf complex were different than what I saw on television. Going in, my impressions were that of a windswept, rather barren area that didn’t seem to have much character. But if you appreciate the beauty of Scotland, and if you’ve been there you’ll know what I mean, you will really appreciate it aesthetically. Even in person there is little definition between fairway and green, so the greens look either very big, or non-existent. I was impressed by how large the complex is: six golf courses, all public, with a seventh a few miles down the coast. That by the way is the Castle Course, and built in 2008 it is by far the newest, but with probably the most stunning views. This course is really a gem. Find out more at

The Old Course is the Signature of St. Andrews

The Old Course is the signature course where The Open tournaments are played, and like I said its public, but not easy to get on. The Old Course is where golf has been played since around 1400 AD, and was originally 22 holes before being reduced to 18. It is closed to golfers on Sunday, and that allows the public to walk the fabled fairways on that day. The New Course is set right alongside the Old, and has “only” been around since 1895. It too is a challenging links-style course.

Swilcan Bridge

Of the other courses in the complex, which by the way is the largest golf complex in Europe, the two courses that make the best use of the North Sea are the Jubilee and the Eden Course. But whatever course you play, the challenging Scottish whether is without doubt going to play a part in your game. If you like your golf in a comfortable climate, this probably isn’t the place for you. If you’ve played much golf in Ireland, you’ll know what I mean, only worse.

But the prices are not close to Pebble Beach crazy, as even in high season the Old Course will cost you 150 Pounds, and that’s by quite a margin the highest. For more information on the course and how to book, go to for more details.

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Ryder Cup 2010

My Memories of Ryder Cup 2010- A Wet and Wild Event

When we watch a Ryder Cup, it brings me back to a few years ago to the Ryder Cup 2010 at Celtic Manor, Wales.  Other than the attractiveness with the Welsh countryside plus the wonderful, pleasant people, what I remember is the heavy rain, then the mud.  It rained rather steadily until the last day, Monday. That was an extra day which had to get added since the matches were pushed back.  But even though the weather had been far from wonderful, it had been an event well worth it.


What always intrigues me with regards to the Ryder Cup relates to the intensity of the competition.  Every sporting contest will have its tension and drama, but in almost every other sport there is a physical release with the competitors.  But not so much in golf.  More often than not when a golfer lets his nerves overtake him, his score is going to invariably suffer.  Include the indisputable fact that golf is as a rule not a team sport, it is a somewhat new environment for the players, and you are able to really feel how tense it is live on the course.

Celtic Manor Was the Perfect Venue for the Ryder Cup

Celtic Manor had been designed explicitly for the Ryder Cup.  Because of the generally undulating terrain in Wales, it is possible to often stand on elevated ground and see several matches in action; not close up, obviously; however the views are significantly better than on most courses.  The US side arrived as the defending Cup holder, but there may be a definite home-court advantage at the Ryder Cup.  The crowds had been very much in favor of the European squad, but the sportsmanship was wonderful; I do not remember any awkward incidents.


Due to the weather conditions, the format had to become revised from five sessions to four.  Session One, played on Friday and completed on Saturday, was the four-ball, or better ball matches, and in those the United States jumped to a 2.5 to 1.5 lead.  Session Two had been played on Saturday and was made up of six foursomes playing alternate shot matches.  The U.S. team again won by one point for a 6-4 lead.

Session Three, in progress on Saturday and finished on Sunday, was the point the European players turned the match around.  Playing two foursome and four four-ball matches, they won five matches and halved one for an overall 9.5-6.5 lead.  That closed out the rainy Sunday, and just left the final twelve singles contests for Monday.

Monday’s Single Matches Marked the Big Comeback

Despite the fact that the U.S. normally excels in the singles matches, to overcome that sort of a deficit would have required a near miracle.  It is a miracle they nearly accomplished.  With a glorious day of sunshine (at long last), they started to turn it around the middle of the day.  With the U.S. still behind by those three points, in the eighth competition Tiger Woods pulled away and claimed the win.  Then Rickie Fowler refused to be closed out early, holing one pressure putt after another, finally tying his contest.  Phil Mickelson and Zach Johnson then won impressively, and it became all square with the final match still on the golf course.

Graeme McDowell got an early advantage, and even though he could never really shake Hunter Mahan, beat him 3-1 in the concluding match, securing the victory for the European squad 14.5-13.5.  A final feature which I enjoy about Ryder Cup play will be the ever-shifting momentum changes that forever take place.  Should you ever get the chance to attend a Ryder Cup, do it by all means.

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Disney Golf Courses for the Pro and Weekend Golfer

Experience the Disney Golf Courses in Orlando

There are such a lot of things to do at Walt Disney World, and if you’re a golfer you can add one more thing to the list.  There are four excellent Disney Golf Courses, of which three are part of the PGA tour, plus a par 36 practice golf course.  All are open to the public, and when you are a resort visitor there are some additional amenities you may be able to take advantage of.  Here is a breakdown of all five.  The first three have GPS devices on the cart, and the prices will include cart rental plus green fees:


1.     Osprey Ridge Golf Course.  This golf course is rated one of the top public golf courses in Florida.  One of the reasons I liked it was because of its secluded feeling.  It has dramatically elevated greens and tees, and its rolling fairways are cut through a forest of pines, cypress and oaks.  It is a little bit removed from the Disney activity, but it’s worth going to.

2.    Magnolia Golf Course.  This golf course in addition to the Palm Course is found by the Disney Polynesian Resort, not far from the Magic Kingdom.  This is the longest of the Disney golf courses, and it takes its name obviously from the 1500 magnolia trees on the course.  While it is long, its fairways are especially wide, but eleven of the holes you will have to contend with water.

3.    Palm Golf Course.  The professionals who play this golf course every year at the National Car Rental Golf Classic rate this course the most difficult.  Like Osprey Ridge it will take you back into the encompassing Florida woodlands.  It is visually spectacular, with tight tree-lined fairways and elevated greens and tees.  This course is ranked in the top 75 resort courses in America, and the 18th has been rated number four on the toughest golf holes in the PGA tour list.


4.    Lake Buena Vista Golf Course.  Let’s say you’re looking for just a leisurely game of golf that’s not as demanding as the other three, this is perhaps the place to go.  The course is in fact shorter and also the fairways are fairly open, however the greens are small and well-protected.  Number 7 is a memorable golf hole; it’s an island green that is challenging, but enjoyable.  It is located not far from Downtown Disney and the Saratoga Springs Resort.

5.    Oak Trail Golf Course.  The 2913 yard nine-hole course is a par-36 walking course, and is excellent if you simply want to get in a quick nine holes.  You can find it by their Magnolia course.

Disney World has made it straightforward for you to play if you are staying at one of their properties.  They offer free transportation to and from the course if you contact bell services the night prior to your wanting to play.  Club rentals are $55, and if you are a resort guest you can save around $15 per round over the fee charged if you are not.  Possibly the best deal is if you get a two-round pass for $140, saving you a few dollars compared with the single-round cost.

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Rating Golf Courses

What Makes any Golf Course Memorable to Play?

As golfers we are always rating golf courses when we play them.  Let’s say we’ve not played the course beforehand, we would like to recognize if it really is going to be worth five hours of our time along with the cost of green fees to play.  Then once we’ve played a course, we want to make a judgment about it to find out if we would like to come back.  But when it comes to golfers and courses, isn’t there much more about a course that we relate to on a individual level?


For the point of this short article we will talk about golf courses that the average player is able to truly play.  Maybe within a different article we will discuss what will make a really magnificent golf course, like Augusta National, but unless you are acquainted with a member mere mortals aren’t going to play there.  So now we’ll discuss features of a golf course that we are going to experience when we are in fact on a layout we can play.

When Rating Golf Courses We’ll Use Six Criteria

In asking golfers I know (clearly a really unscientific survey), players look for particular factors.  Some of the areas that may attract us are:


1.    Layout.  This is most likely the most significant dynamic that goes into a great course that we want to play.  We all try to find golf holes that are fair and out of the ordinary, with the best offering higher-risk/high-reward choices.

2.    Conditions for the course.  We never want to play on golf courses that aren’t maintained, and the majority of us have a lot of options for playing on courses that are well maintained.  Proper upkeep is challenging, but if ever the golf greens become unplayable, for example, we won’t return.

3.    Course esthetics.  As mentioned previously, the courses that we like to play we develop an individual connection with, and esthetics plays a significant part of it.  It’s a lot easier to keep returning to some place like Pebble Beach where you’ll be able to be appreciative of the attractiveness.

4.    Costs.  There’s without doubt a value feature to what people are agreeable to pay.  Just about everyone seems to be willing to pay at least a bit more for a really exceptional golf course.  It also typically comes down to how much an individual has: the more wealthy folks are going to put green fees as the least crucial issue.

5.    Clubhouse and staff.  So long as it is not a total mess, most golfers will overlook this if the other factors are in place.  Only one time in my life have I walked off prior to my round even began because the starter was totally obnoxious.  It is very infrequent if this takes place.

6.    Golf course difficulty.  This is probably the least vital of the six for most golfers.  Actually, most people do not think a good time on a golf course is to be overwhelmed by its difficulty.  But for some it’s the macho fixation to play from the tips when their game does not warrant it; however for many people we only want to play on a track that we are able to realistically compete.

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Hawaii Golf Courses

Playing Hawaii Golf Courses- A Walk through Nature

Hawaii is not the easiest spot to get to, but once you’re there if you golf this will be really a great place to be.  Because of the diversity of landscapes, with all 6 islands offering something somewhat different, you will find more than 70 courses to pick from, giving you a huge change of routine.  Here is a breakdown on Hawaii golf courses that will not only be great tests of golf, but are beautiful and relaxing to play.

Here Are Six Islands that Offer Outstanding Golf

1.    Hawaii.   The exceptional thing I favor most about the golf courses on the big island is the lush green fairways in contrast with the black volcanic rock in the rough on some of the courses.  I’m sure one can find golf courses around the world which have this characteristic, however I’m not sure where.

Some of the best golf around the island is the Kohala Coast on the northwest side of the island.  The region just north of Kona International Airport has some excellent resorts, which offers you entry to several truly breathtaking golf courses.  In addition rainfall within this vicinity amounts to only about 9 inches annually.  One can find 16 golf courses within the island which have public accessibility.

2.    Oahu.  The most populated island has more than 40 courses, of which 29 remain easily accessible for the public.  Like most courses, these are beautiful, and the winds can make the courses challenging.  For the most part the fairways are spacious and forgiving.  The greens are Bermuda grass.

3.    Kauai.  If you will be going to play golf on this island, you should check out one of the 3 major resorts which have the majority of the golf.  The Kauai Lagoons Golf Club claims the longest stretch of oceanfront golf holes anywhere in Hawaii, a full half mile of ocean front golf course.


4.    Lanai.  Golf highlights on Lanai will be all with reference to a couple of courses.  The Experience of Koele along with The Challenge of Manele both wind all through ravines and offer spectacular views from coastal cliffs.  These two golf courses rank among the top resort courses in not only Hawaii, but anywhere around the world.

5.    Molakai.  Just a nine-hole course and it is very laid-back.  But like several of the Hawaii golf courses, very high elevations make it spectacular visually.

6.    Maui.  Last but by no means least, the Magic Isle is recognized particularly as the beautiful island, and also are its golf courses.  There are 14 golf courses here which are certainly some among the most spectacular in the world, and they’ve got some of everything that Hawaii has to offer.  Fairways which lie alongside ancient lava flows, palm trees all over plus elevations offering spectacular views, these courses give you everything.  In addition the layouts will be current concepts by several of the noted course architects put a number of these courses at the top of the list of world’s best.

You can hardly go wrong when you golf in Hawaii.  The courses are legendary, but if you already know Hawaii the costs may be legendary, too.  Golf will not be inexpensive, but golfers can get some values provided you understand the places to look. So unless money is no object be primed to do some searching.

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