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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer

Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

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Unusual Golf Rules

Unusual Golf Rules you may never need, but they’re Cool

Quite possibly what defines every pastime as being truly great will be those immeasurable assortment of situations you’ll observe within the course of watching that game.  I’ve witnessed baseball for over 50 years, and I marvel at the number of times I see something which I’d never seen before on a baseball field.  Only the most complex games present this great a variety of variables.  And thus it will be for the game of golf where there will be unusual situations that unusual golf rules will be applied to.


There may never be more than a handful of players in the world that would need to use just half of the many regulations within the rule book.  We end up applying whatever we are actually acquainted with (or imagine we fully understand) to acquire a verdict, but still there a large variety of situations that you just try to do what you think will be right.  Then there are numerous regulations that can in fact be strange.  We’ll go over some at this time, not as much an instructive experience but as a fun exercise to indicate how crazy the golf rule book can get. images

Five Unusual Golf Rules

  1. Taking away morning dew from a ball. If you enjoy playing golf earlier in the AM, you might be mindful of how a ball becomes covered with dew from the wet grass.  If you get rid of moisture from the golf ball in whatever way, this is always a two-stroke penalty.  A ball can basically be lifted and cleaned prior to placing it on the tee or after marking the ball on the green.  (Rule 13-2).
  2. Tending a flag. Any time any golfer is standing close enough at the pin where they could touch it, they are in fact tending the flag according to the rules.  If the ball thereafter strikes that flagstick, even though played out from off the green, it will be a two-stroke penalty.  (Rule 17-1).
  3. When knocking one’s shot out of bounds will not be penalized. To begin with say that unluckily you smack your golf ball out of bounds, yet fortunately your opposing player happens being located out of bounds and the ball strikes this person.  If your ball ultimately settles out of bounds, there is no penalty, and get to replay your shot.
  4. Why you ought to know the ball you’re playing. Should you and your playing companion hit your shots to the same place, and you both have the same brand of golf ball with identical marks, which person plays which golf ball?  By rule, both golf balls are in fact lost, both players are punished one stroke and then both must return to where they hit that shot.  (Rule 12-2).
  5. Loose impediments in a hazard. In the event that your ball is in any hazard and subsequently a loose obstacle should fall on or by your golf ball, don’t touch it.  If you do move the impediment it will be a two-stroke penalty.  (Rule 13-4).

These are simply a small sampling of regulations which you will only rarely if ever need to use.  But a good number of these can be lumped into different types for broad set of laws; you just have to understand the broad rule that it will be applicable to.

Match Play Golf- Rules and Tips on How to Win

Rules of Match Play Golf

Match play golf is another aspect of the game that makes golf such a versatile pastime, and knowing  how to better your chance to win  will add yet another dimension to the game.  Whereas stroke play is basically the golfer against the golf course, match play golf rules pits one player against another (known as singles match play), or two individuals against two other players, with foursomes and four-ball as the most common formats with team play.  Match play golf probably brings the golf psychology more into play than does playing individually.

Match Play Golf Using the Ryder Cup Format

So that you can clarify the assorted match play golf rules, we’ll utilize the Ryder Cup format, although you will find a number of variations played as the mind can imagine.  But that is a component of match play: so long as everybody agrees with the rules of  match play golf you are going to play under for that round, have a good time with it.

With singles match play, the golfer which has the fewest number of golf strokes wins that hole, regardless if it’s by one stroke or more.  Whoever has won the majority of holes after 18 will be the winner of the contest, and when tied after 18 the match is declared halved, with each Ryder Cup team receiving one-half point.  In other competition, such as the U.S. Amateur Championship, when the game is all square (or tied) after eighteen, they continue until there is a winner.

Golf & Zen Planner: Daily Golf Psychology Tips And Zen Anecdote, Along With Famous Golfers'' Quotations, Will Gradually Lower Your Handicap

Golf & Zen Planner: Daily Golf Psychology Tips And Zen Anecdote, Along With Famous Golfers” Quotations, Will Gradually Lower Your Handicap

The Rules of Match Play Golf for Four Ball

With four ball match play golf, each player plays his own ball, and the team that wins is the team who has a player with the lowest score.  A variation would be to add up each team’s total scores to determine the winner.  Because of the popularity of the Ryder Cup, foursome’s match play golf has become a popular concept, although not as common among friends playing casual golf.

Probably the reason is most people while playing want to play their own shots, and in this format match play golf rules dictate that players on each team alternate their shots playing the same ball.  So player A drives, then player B hits the second shot, player A the third, and so on playing the same ball.  Handicaps allowances of each golfer can also be figured in if desired.

Tips on How to Win at Match Play Golf

There are a few match play golf tips that may be useful to not necessarily post the best score, but to accomplish your objective of winning the match:

  1. If your opponent is in trouble, play conservatively.  If he makes double bogey, a bogey still is good enough.
  2. Another tip is when you play first, put pressure on your opponent by keeping the ball out of trouble at all costs.  Never let him off the hook by hitting out of bounds or any other disastrous shot.
  3. The comes prominently into play in match play golf.  When putting, if the longer putt is needed to win the hole and the putt of his partner is shorter, the shorter putt should be taken first if it can give his partner the “line”, or how the putt will break.
  4. The final of our tips is if unless not allowed by local rule, you are allowed to practice putting and chipping once the hole is finished.  Use that time to your advantage unless you are being pressed by the group behind you.

Match play golf is really a game everyone who has playing partners should try to take part in, as it provides a whole different perspective of the game.  Just try not to take it too seriously and have fun.


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Common Golf Bets that Make the Game Fun

Common Golf Bets- and How to Win Them

It is said golf is an individual game, because it’s just you against the golf course.  But on another level it is a social game, where friends or business acquaintances can get together and bond.  Many of us prefer just playing the game on an individual basis when we are in the company of others, but sometimes it’s fun to play games against each other.  There are a variety of common golf bets that have been devised.  You can keep score when playing one of these games, but often the strategy to winning is not to make shots that may be optimum for a lower score.

Let’s Examine a Few Common Golf Bets


Nassau.  Said to have originated at the Nassau Country Club in New York, it is pretty straightforward.  You bet a certain amount (a Nassau) for winning the front side, the back side, and total score.  If you bet a $10 Nassau and win the front side, lose the back side, but win total score, you win $10.  It can get complicated by pressing, which is basically a double-or-nothing challenge on the last hole from the player that’s behind.  A small Nassau can grow into some substantial money, so if you get behind know how your game is feeling before pressing on 18.

Skins.  Not many people knew much about this game until a few years ago when one of the television networks taped four prominent golfers of the time and played it over Thanksgiving weekend.   For a while after it seemed everyone was playing skins.  Players bet a certain amount on each hole, and if two players tie, the bet is carried over and added to the next hole.  If several holes in a row do not have a winner, the amount can build up as the round progresses.  In order to win the hole a player has to have the lowest score outright, so the player that takes risks will have a chance for the greatest payoff.  So it doesn’t matter if you play well overall, as long as you play well on the “money” holes.


Snake.  This game can be used as a side-bet to put more pressure on putting.  The first player to three-putt earns a snake, and it stays with him until someone else three-putts.  If a snake is worth $3 and there is not another three-putt for four holes, the first player to three-putt owes the others $12, but of course can start collecting from the player who now owns the snake.  This obviously encourages lag putting, or keeping the first putt close.

Bingo Bango Bongo.  This is one game that can drive you crazy trying to keep up with the points, as there are three on every hole.   One is for the first golfer on the green (bingo), one is for the closest to the hole when everyone is finally on the green (bango), and the last is the one who is first in the hole (bongo).   There is a real strategy to this game, and much of it does not necessarily involve good golf.  Laying back and taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves often is the key to picking up points.

Keeping track of all these wagers will often require an accountant and a ledger book.  But modern technology can help.  There are actually apps such as GolfMoolah for the Apple iPhone to keep track of all of this.  But it can add a lot of fun to the game of golf.

Psychology of Golf- Training Your Mind for Your Golf Game

Prepare Yourself with the Psychology of Golf

Psychology of Golf

An elusive topic for golfers is the psychology of golf, or the process of training your mind for your golf game.  If you can master it, your scores will go down.  But how?  We can recommend a number of training guides on sports psychology, and at the bottom will give some we highly recommend, but it is definitely a topic that is hard to teach, more difficult to grasp, and gets blamed for more bad rounds of golf than any other factor.  Training your mind for golf requires preparation, and the pages on putting and basics of the swing provide you with valuable information on just a couple of aspects of your game.

Relaxation Begins With Confidence

My son is a college basketball player, and although physically he is very normal in build and athleticism, throughout his career has been a clutch player with what we describe as “ice water in his veins.”  He also has been able to maintain an incredible calmness prior to games.  I asked him once how he can remain so calm, and he said “I know what I’m doing, and I’m good at what I do.”  Yes, he is a bit cocky, but not unrealistically so.  He goes into games knowing what has to be done and convinced he can do it, and during games he is so involved in the game that he doesn’t have time to over think, concentrating only on the job at hand.  And, I might add, he is not nearly as good at golf, and certainly doesn’t exhibit the same self-confidence on the course.

Knowing what you are doing on the course with a degree of certainty, and not merely talking yourself into thinking you have it figured out is the essential first step to mental relaxation.

Keep Your Mind Occupied During Your Golf Game

It is not our intention here to get into sports psychology, but learning how to learning how to properly strike a golf ball consistently.  Establishing a good pre-shot routine, knowing how to execute specific shots, and how to use the driving range as more than just a place to whack golf balls are all areas where confidence is built, and it must be built to have a true feeling of confidence during a round of golf.

The psychology of golf begins with the pre-shot routine, the initial process that sets us up for success or failure with each golf shot, is where concentration begins.  Positive thinking and self-confidence are essential factors to playing golf to your optimum.  The psychological game of golf is involves 10% what happens and 90% about how you react to it.  If you immerse yourself in the task at hand, and not think about your score or how anyone else perceives you as a golfer, you will have the best chance of performing well and not let mind-games get in the way.




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