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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer

Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Golf Tips

Rules of Golf- Know the Etiquette of Golf

Golf Etiquette- Understand the Rules of Golf

We talk so much of the golf swing and other mechanics, and sometimes don’t pay enough attention to the rules of golf, which are really golf basics everyone should know and observe.   The golf game, to be sure, has more than its share of rules and regulations, and so much of the etiquette of golf that participants of the golf game are expected to know are taught only by custom and observing the proper way to conduct themselves.

Booklegger 2012-2013 Decisions on the Rules of Golf

Rules of Golf

A Checklist for the Rules of Golf Etiquette

  1. Before you start, make sure you are familiar with any local rules that specifically apply to the course you are playing.  Then place an identifying mark on your ball and inform the players in your group of the number and make of ball you are playing.
  2. Avoid slow play.  Golf etiquette requires that you hit your shot no more than 30 to 45 seconds from the time you select your club, and if you are not prepared to hit when it is your turn, ask another golfer in your group to play.  If you hit a ball and it becomes lost, you have five minutes to find it from the time you reach where you suspect the ball landed.
  3. Keep the course maintained so everyone else can enjoy their golf game.  Etiquette of golf basics require you to replace or repair all divots, enter a bunker on the low side nearest the ball and rake the area hit from and all footprints, and repair any pitch marks caused when the ball hits the green.  Attempt to get the area smooth enough so it can be putt over.
  4. On the green.  Know where everyone’s ball is, and never step on anyone’s putting line.  If your ball rests anywhere near the putting line of another player, mark your ball with a small, thin coin.  Do not stand where you may be a distraction to another player while putting, don’t move or make any noise.  Generally, the player whose ball is closest to the hole should automatically tend the flag stick, and should do so by holding the flag down and tend the flag stick at arm’s length.  When you take the pin out, lay it off the green.
  5. Never hit a ball when you could possibly hit the group in front of you, and yell “fore” if your ball by chance comes close, and then apologize for your error.
  6. Almost everyone gets frustrated during a golf game, but outburst of temper is unacceptable.  Throwing clubs, yelling, or generally making a fool of yourself is against all rules of golf etiquette.
The Rules of Golf in Plain English, Third Edition

Rules of Golf in Plain English

Rules of Golf Etiquette as it Pertains to Caddies

There is one area that can get rather dicey, because the use of caddies is becoming rarer.  But when you have the opportunity to use a caddie, and for me it is truly the ultimate way to enjoy the golf game, we sometimes are at a loss to know what to tip them.  Rules of golf etiquette says that if the caddy did a satisfactory job, 50% of the caddy fee would be appropriate, and a little more if he was outstanding.

Everyone should respect the golf game, and knowing and practicing the etiquette of golf basics will make golf more enjoyable.  We have a website dealing with all aspects of the that you may find helpful, as well as one on putting for tips on cutting down your putting strokes.


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Golf Swing Exercises- How to Increase Your Clubhead Speed

Physical Training for Golf

Physical therapy for golfers has certainly advanced over the years.  Golf swing exercises back in what some of us would call the Golden Era of Palmer and Nicklaus had only Gary Player to be what was considered a golf fitness proponent.  In time Tiger Woods burst on the scene with his physical fitness regimen, and it seemed like most, if not all, top-flight professionals joined the chorus for golf swing exercises.  Today, as in all sports, golf has come to regard physical training as a necessary part of the game.  Of course not all of us are, or ever will be, golf professionals.  But with the best golfers in the world leading by example, we have learned the value golf fitness training can bring.


These Swing Exercises Will Improve Your Club Speed!

Some of the products we will be talking about on this site are designed to help every golfer in the physical fitness aspects of the sport.  For my part, and I have been a golf enthusiast for over forty years.  But quite frankly, I didn’t start understanding the game until about ten years ago, when I semi-retired and headed to the golf course almost every day.  There I talked with the golf pro and spent hours working on various aspects of the game.

They say most people don’t become proficient at a physical task until they become too old to put it to use, so they teach.  I have always enjoyed breaking things down and passing that knowledge along, and that’s what I’ll be doing here.  Some of the things we will discuss on are site are:

  • What you are trying to achieve with golf physical training.
  • Stretches for the lower body.
  • Stretching exercises for the upper body.
  • Swing drills you can do in the home.
  • Tips on chipping, putting, and all aspects of the short game.
  • And much more.

Golf Swing Exercises Are Just a Part Start to Your Golf Experience

We like to think of golf as a past-time that you can take as serious as you want, and still make it an enjoyable experience.  Just being out on the course and experiencing the beauty of the outdoors makes a round of golf well worth it.  Of course when you play a round five under your handicap makes the course seem even more beautiful.

But that’s what we are here to do: provide everything we can to make your golf experience more perfect.  We look forward to carrying on this conversation with you in the future.


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Seven Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing for More Consistency

7 Swing Keys to Improve Your Golf Swing

To improve your golf swing, there are quite a few parts that make up a great golf swing. Over the years, I have focused on 7 key golf swing thoughts to  remain consistent with my swing. All golfers including myself have a tendency to get over focused on specific positions in the golf swing. A golfer’s ultimate goal should be to build a sound golf swing founded on superb fundamentals which are repeatable on the golf course. Let’s look at 7 swing keys that can help you build a great golf swing.

Leverage Is the First Key to Improve Your Golf Swing

Apply Ground Force During the Golf Swing – Most amateur golfers lose leverage early in the swing by lifting their body. Professional golfers do the reverse and apply even more force which provides them a more stable base in their golf swing. Focus on maintaining and even increasing the force you apply to the ground  during  the swing. More solid foot and ground contact can help you hit consistent golf shots. Bear in mind, a golf swing is constructed from the ground up.

Balance Is a Must – There are as many golf swings in the world as there are golfers that play the game. What golf swing tip can help every single golfer improve their golf score? The answer is keeping balance during the complete golf swing. Focus on making an 80% golf swing. To improve your golf swing, never swing any harder than what permits you to stay in balance during the entire swing.

Duplicate Your Shaft Angle at Address and Impact – We consider several details in the course of the golf swing that we tend to forget to merely let the golf swing happen. Here’s a easy golf swing key that will help you increase both the accuracy and consistency of your golf shots. Feel the angle of your shaft in the address position and then repeat this angle as you return the club to the impact position. The key is to feel as if you return to the precise address position.

The Picture-Perfect Golf Swing

The Picture-Perfect Golf Swing

Spine Angle – We hear much stated about keeping our spine angle the same throughout our golf swing. A constant spine angle is actually what separates the pros from an amateur golfer. Maintain the angle of the back throughout to improve your golf swing. Also, keep your back side down throughout the swing and it will make it less difficult to maintain a constant spine angle. Don’t forget, if your knees stay at the same level through the golf swing you will maintain your spine angle all through the swing.

Sync Your Golf Swing – Once your golf swing feels out of sync focus on matching up your arms and body during the swing. The correct back swing sequence is to swing the arms, turn the body, shift the weight. On the downswing transfer your weight, turn your body, and swing your arms. Get this sequence down and you will sync your swing.

Swing Tempo – If you feel tense to begin the golf swing, there is a tendency to snatch the club back to quickly. Doing so is a tempo killer. To improve your golf swing, keep in mind that a quicker downswing is a good thing, but a swifter back swing results in bad tempo. Start your back swing smoothly and you will improve your golf swing tempo.

Weight Transfer – During the back swing you have to transfer your weight to the right side (right hand golfer). However, this must be accomplished without swaying. The key is to keep your chest and head centered over the ball. Make a full turn back and begin the downswing by gently kicking your left hip towards the target. Once you have completed this move all you have to do is fire your arms through impact.

Make these golf swing keys a component of your practice routine to enhance your game. I know they can help your swing become more consistent producing lower scores.


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Golf Swing On Plane- Try this for a Consistent Golf Swing

Get Your Golf Swing On Plane

Having the golf swing on plane should be the most important factor that can affect the result or outcome of the golf shot.  When you manage to retrain your muscles’ memory to get your golf swing on the correct plane, the other elements of the swing should be simpler to manipulate and adjust.  A consistent shot needs to comprise having the golf swing on plane, or else you will discover it quite tough to produce the same shot every single time.

The ideal swing plane is decided by the club that is used.  Essentially, the longer the club the flatter the appropriate plane will be.  The driver is considerably longer than the 9 iron for your short game, so naturally the ball must be further from the body at address.  This should demand a flatter path to have the golf swing on plane.

Consequences of Not Getting Your Golf Swing on Plane

Each golfer requires a distinctive golf swing plane which is suitable for their physical characteristics of their golflonggame.  Nonetheless, a lot of beginners and intermediates do not have their swing on plane.  This swing becomes an action that will get embedded into their muscles’ memory that becomes more and more difficult to unlearn and turns into a bad habit.  Not getting your golf swing on a consistent plane is the primary cause of not hitting straight – slicing, hooking, pulling & pushing shots.  And you’ll discover that you’ll start to compensate with your alignment simply because you get better at regularly producing one or two of these types of misses.  Doing so leads to being punished on the on the fairways when you actually hit the golf ball straight.

The Picture-Perfect Golf Swing

The Picture-Perfect Golf Swing

To have your golf swing on plane, the player should maintain their hands, arms and club on an identical plane.  A club moving along a path outside the ideal swing plane is almost certainly going to approach the golf ball either too steep or too flat.  Which by itself will move the club face away from its suitable angle and lead to a wayward shot.  The club should travel on the appropriate path, controlled by the hands and arms being in the suitable positions, to get the golf swing on plane so the club head will impact the ball squarely.

Unlearn Bad Habits Now to Get Your Golf Swing on Plane

Unless of course you’re athletically blessed, very few newbies are gifted enough to be able to find an ideal motion to have their golf swing on plane without any formal training or coaching.  Nonetheless, the vast majority of us swing away on planes that we shouldn’t even be in the vicinity of.  And what takes place is we get genuinely good at it which is a cardinal sin of golf for beginners and intermediates alike.  Getting good at executing shots with not having your golf swing on plane is the beginning of your misery on the course.  It is highly recommended to get a lesson from a qualified coach or a club pro to ensure that you get onto the right track.  There are also many effective training aids, tips for golf, golf instructions and golf videos which will also get you onto the right track and get your golf swing on plane immediately.


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How Can I Stop Hitting the Ball Fat

Here’s how to Stop Hitting the Ball Fat

Hitting the ball fat is certainly not as common as the slice, however it can be equally irritating. As with all golf swing mechanics, as soon as you realize exactly what you are doing wrong, you can start fixing it.  When trying to improve this problem, it’s nearly impossible to see exactly what you are doing wrong without someone’s assistance. If you can, get yourself a golfing pal to watch your golf swing, and ask her or him to be looking for the items mentioned below.

First, See if You Are Dropping Your Back Shoulder

In the event that you discover yourself to be hitting irons fat, you are probably dropping the rear shoulder. This is the one that’s furthest from the target: right shoulder for right-handed golfers, left shoulder for left-handed golfers.  Whenever your rear shoulder drops, the club hits the ground before it ought to, resulting in a messy shot. Generally, hitting the ball fat occurs when a player tries to swing too hard, creating the downswing to begin with a lot of hip movement.

The "simple Golf" Swing: Golf For The Rest Of Us

The “simple Golf” Swing: Golf For The Rest Of Us

As an example, try this basic swing advice. Take a club and assume your normal address. Bring the club up to the very top of your back swing and halt. With the club at the very top, slip your hips toward the target area, horizontally, and discover what occurs to your rear shoulder. It naturally dips straight down at the same time!  If perhaps your friend is around, do this exercise again, slowly and gradually, and ask her or him to watch your own hips and shoulder and notice if the shoulder drops. In that case, you have probably found the main cause of the problem.

Like learning how to correct a slice to improve this problem, you have to understand exactly how to use your lower body correctly throughout the swing. Your hips need to turn, but don’t allow them to slide. An easy approach to help to make this happen is always to pay attention to starting the downswing with your arms, and let your hips naturally follow.

Hitting the Ball Fat

Another reason for the drop in the lower shoulder is due to fatigue.  If you are late in the round, the body may become tired, resulting in trying to propel the ball upward by dropping the right shoulder.  If you become aware of this as a problem, use more club and swing easier.  If you expect less distance, your mind will tell your body not to over-swing.

The guidelines introduced here are generally simple enough to apply, however they call for some time spent practicing and experimenting. The greatest place to get this done can be at the practice range, which is also an excellent place to get a helper to watch your swing.

As you work on this, be sure you work on all of your clubs, not just the driver for your golflonggame.  Striking the ball fat could take place with any kind of club, and you have to practice with each one to truly master an excellent, crisp ball hit. Many players prefer to start with the short irons and also work their own way up when studying a completely new set of skills.


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Golf Swing Improvement for Perfectionists

Golf Swing Improvement for Perfectionists

The first question newcomers often ask once instructed to get their golf swing on plane is, what is a “swing plane”?  For golf swing improvement for perfectionists, the response is deceptively straightforward: it’s the angle of your swing arc to the ground. Hidden beneath this reply is the assumption that this angle stays continuous through your swing arc. Therein lies the rub!


The key to reaching a consistent one-plane swing will not be found in any rudimentary set of tips for golf. The solely way it is possible to do it is by understanding the in-depth techniques recommended by pro golfers, and simple old fashioned practice, practice, practice.

Golf Swing Plane Consistency

The main reason why you could perfect such a golf swing arc is consistency. It may be easy for an experienced golfer to pull off the upright golf swing to wonderful success, but the upright golf swing is a difficult movement, seriously reliant on precisely timed manipulation of your body as you help it through the golf swing. This precision of movement is normally the first to fall apart under pressure, and tends to be not as repeatable as more mechanical normal movements like the one-plane golf swing. When it comes to golf for beginners, therefore, in the pursuits of creating good, consistent routines, it’s always highly recommended to concentrate on honing the one-plane golf swing just before moving on to the upright swing.

Visualize Your Golf Swing Plane

Among the ways to perfect the plane of the swing is to use Ben Hogan’s visualization technique. Picture you are “wearing” a wide range pane of glass around your neck such that one end of it is resting on the turf while the other end is sticking up a little way above the neck, and only the head is poking in above the pane by means of a hole.   Now your job is to finish the total golf swing without ever breaking that pane of glass.

Swing Easy, Hit Hard

Swing Easy, Hit Hard

Another way to hold the golf swing on plane is to visualize just about every muscle and joint in the body all the way from the legs to the wrists as a chain which it is possible to only manage the leg end of. Doing so is one of the greatest tips for golf for folks who are mechanically-minded. Picture, as you elevate your club to the top of the golf swing, that you are raising the chain, and afterwards deliver it down in a effortless whip lash right along with your swing.

Notice how the initial links to react to the whip lash are the ones nearest to the leg-end. When giving swing tips for beginners, this is the point to emphasize: the whip lash always commences at the leg and travels down to the wrists. The full body swings, just as the full chain ripples in the whip lash.

Many big names and tour players, such as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and VJ Singh, have worked on flattening their golf swing . One point we can say as you attempt to get the proper swing plane, you are certainly in excellent company!


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Match Play Golf- Rules and Tips on How to Win

Rules of Match Play Golf

Match play golf is another aspect of the game that makes golf such a versatile pastime, and knowing  how to better your chance to win  will add yet another dimension to the game.  Whereas stroke play is basically the golfer against the golf course, match play golf rules pits one player against another (known as singles match play), or two individuals against two other players, with foursomes and four-ball as the most common formats with team play.  Match play golf probably brings the golf psychology more into play than does playing individually.

Match Play Golf Using the Ryder Cup Format

So that you can clarify the assorted match play golf rules, we’ll utilize the Ryder Cup format, although you will find a number of variations played as the mind can imagine.  But that is a component of match play: so long as everybody agrees with the rules of  match play golf you are going to play under for that round, have a good time with it.

With singles match play, the golfer which has the fewest number of golf strokes wins that hole, regardless if it’s by one stroke or more.  Whoever has won the majority of holes after 18 will be the winner of the contest, and when tied after 18 the match is declared halved, with each Ryder Cup team receiving one-half point.  In other competition, such as the U.S. Amateur Championship, when the game is all square (or tied) after eighteen, they continue until there is a winner.

Golf & Zen Planner: Daily Golf Psychology Tips And Zen Anecdote, Along With Famous Golfers'' Quotations, Will Gradually Lower Your Handicap

Golf & Zen Planner: Daily Golf Psychology Tips And Zen Anecdote, Along With Famous Golfers” Quotations, Will Gradually Lower Your Handicap

The Rules of Match Play Golf for Four Ball

With four ball match play golf, each player plays his own ball, and the team that wins is the team who has a player with the lowest score.  A variation would be to add up each team’s total scores to determine the winner.  Because of the popularity of the Ryder Cup, foursome’s match play golf has become a popular concept, although not as common among friends playing casual golf.

Probably the reason is most people while playing want to play their own shots, and in this format match play golf rules dictate that players on each team alternate their shots playing the same ball.  So player A drives, then player B hits the second shot, player A the third, and so on playing the same ball.  Handicaps allowances of each golfer can also be figured in if desired.

Tips on How to Win at Match Play Golf

There are a few match play golf tips that may be useful to not necessarily post the best score, but to accomplish your objective of winning the match:

  1. If your opponent is in trouble, play conservatively.  If he makes double bogey, a bogey still is good enough.
  2. Another tip is when you play first, put pressure on your opponent by keeping the ball out of trouble at all costs.  Never let him off the hook by hitting out of bounds or any other disastrous shot.
  3. The comes prominently into play in match play golf.  When putting, if the longer putt is needed to win the hole and the putt of his partner is shorter, the shorter putt should be taken first if it can give his partner the “line”, or how the putt will break.
  4. The final of our tips is if unless not allowed by local rule, you are allowed to practice putting and chipping once the hole is finished.  Use that time to your advantage unless you are being pressed by the group behind you.

Match play golf is really a game everyone who has playing partners should try to take part in, as it provides a whole different perspective of the game.  Just try not to take it too seriously and have fun.


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Golf Swing Drills That Can Be Done in the Home

Simple Golf Swing Drills Done At Home

If you want to be really skilled at golf, learning some simple golf swing drills to do at home will be an incredible aid to help your game.   Repetition, with not just golf but in everything we try to become accomplished at, is really a fundamental part to achievement for getting a consistent golf swing.  You must, of course, keep repeating the correct swing fundamentals.

These fundamentals cannot be copied the professionals or anyone else that has mastered golf, unless they could speak with you in lingo you can comprehend.  Some of the concepts of training at home can be practice with your short game, as a small area in the backyard or rarely used local park can be used, as well as practicing the fun little flop shot, which requires just a small area of land to work on.

A Few Simple Golf Swing Drills

As in everything, by far the most efficient tactic in all of your golf swing drills is to keep the golf swing very fundamental.  The more moving elements you’ve got going on in the course of the swing, the more that could go wrong.  If you do not have as much time to correct those factors like a professional golfer has, you will always be fixing problems within your golf swing, resulting in frustration.  Many of us get trapped with that little add-on to their swing that could give them an additional ten yards off the tee, but it leads to messing up factors that makes their golf swing swing drills

Thus keep with a swing that is simple, be pleased with where you are as a golfer, and repeat it as frequently when you can.  And that’s where the training comes in.There are numerous simple golf swing drills that can be accomplished in your home that one could find on the internet, and I advise you should practice whatever works for you every day.

Golf Swing Drills that You Can Find Online

Utilizing the help of the simple training device named the “Golf Power Swing Impact Bag” (which you can purchase on Amazon), you can monitor your increases in golf club head pace as you swing your golf club head into the bag.  I’ve discovered for me that it increases the utilization of the legs and hips, as I will without difficulty hear and feel the greater energy with the golf club head connecting with the bag.  As the greater part of the golf club speed ought to be produced from your lower half, you’ll be able to work on this exclusive of worrying about hitting a golf ball.
This is something I carry out to ensure my head stays still and my upper body stays “quiet”, and necessitates a mirror to swing a golf club in front of.  If in anyway viable with a high ceiling and with the assistance of a shorter club (grip down on it a bit if you have to), take a complete golf swing, however look at the mirror.  Make sure your head does not shift as it relates to some constant object (simply an area on the opposite wall).  I find that sometimes if I haven’t done this drill in awhile, my head will likely be shifting backwards and forwards, and occasionally up or down, making reliable golf ball striking almost unachievable.
SKLZ Gyro Swing SKLZ Gyro SwingSKLZ Gyro Swing Feel the correct plane and release. For the first time, you can feel the perfect swing instead of worrying about position and mechanics. The gyroscope in the SKLZ Gyro Swing clubhead forces your swing to stay on plane and grooves a perfectly timed release. The dual-color shaft gives visual cues to show whether the clubface is square throughout the swing (yellow means off-plane), while the see-through grip guide ensures you have perfect hand placement. Features: Gyroscopic head forces the swing to stay perfectly on plane and grooves the proper release Ingrains the “feel” of the perfect swing “Comes alive” in your hands with resistance when swings go off-plane Gyroscope encased in a metalwood head for protection and realistic visual experience Runs on six rechargeable AAA batteries (included with 4-slot recharger) Includes instructional DVD with Rick Smith Instructions and warranty information (1.6Mb)

These are merely a few simple golf swing drills I do in the home that work for me.  The essential thing for every person is to discover some of the many training devices at hand and consistently practice what works for you.  As stated previously, keeping the golf swing basic and regularly repeating it may help eliminating some of the bad habits all golfers fall into.



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