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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer

Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Chip Shots

Chip Shots- Perfect Them and Really Cut Your Strokes

Chip shots are easier than pitch shots, because you will be able to keep the ball closer to the ground.  Generally speaking, the higher your handicap is the closer to the ground you will want to keep your ball.  A low-handicap golfer rarely wants to putt the ball through the fringe onto the green because of the uncertainly of how the ball will come through the longer grass.  The high-handicapper sees potential disaster if he tries chipping over the fringe, so he resorts to putting the ball.

chip shots

Posture and Stroke of the Chip Shot

The Two Types of Chips

Chip can be divided into short chips and chips that are longer, or those where the ball is close enough to the green to chip but the pin is on the opposite side of the green.  The approach to each will be entirely different.  With the shorter chip, it is relatively straightforward as is pointed out in the article short chips.  With the longer chip shot, you probably want to hit a chip-and-run shot, but if you are facing multiple breaks or other obstacles between you and the pin, you may want to pitch the ball over all of the uncertainties.

Keys to All of Shots

There are certain swing keys that I think are universal to all chip shots, and I’ll go out on a limb to say all golfers.  One is the setup.  It should be similar to the half pitch or flop shot, and that is open to the target with your heels only about 12 inches apart.  Most of your weight (about 80%) should be on the front foot.  The ball should be positioned more toward your back foot, but your hands must be in front of the ball at contact.

Secrets of the Great Golf Course Architects

Secrets of the Great Golf Course Architects

This may be the number one reason why people have trouble with chips, as they keep their hands back and try to scoop the ball.  When you make solid contact with the ball, the loft of the club will naturally get the ball airborne as much as you want, and the ball will release and roll to the hole.

The next swing key for the chip and why it really should be an easy shot (but is made difficult) is the firmness of the left wrist.  As with the putting stroke, the lead wrist must stay firm and flat.  During practice focus on the left wrist (for right handers), and make sure it never breaks down.  And finally for the greatest amount of control, always try to accelerate through the ball.

Should You Leave the Pin in or Out?

When the ball is off the green you of course have the option of leaving the pin in or taking it out.  Is there an advantage either way?  The consensus is that it is more of a personal choice.  My personal preference is to take it out for uphill chips, as these have the best chance to drop so you don’t want the pin kicking a ball out that might hit the back of the hole.  For downhill chips I leave it in, as there is a better chance of the ball going too fast at the hole and the pin could slow it.  Everything else it depends on length of chip: shorter I pull it, longer I leave it in.






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