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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

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Long Chip

Decision-Making Will Go into the Long Chip

The long chip for most people is a chip shot that requires club selection.  Unlike the shorter chip, where the objective is to pop the ball a short distance and let it roll toward the hole, the long chip shot will require reading the green more.  Sort of like reading the green for a long putt, you have to understand the general contour of the green, and then put special emphasis on what the ball will do as it approaches the hole.  When the ball begins to slow is where most of the break will be.

long chip

Different Clubs Produce Different Roll

Club Selection Will Depend on these Situations

When choosing what club you use for you long chip, for many golfers it will range from the pitching wedge all the way to a mid-iron like a five.  What club you use is dependent on what is the most comfortable for you.  Obviously the less lofted club will give more roll, so if the pin is a long way from where you are going to play the ball, you might want to use less loft in your club to get more roll.

As you practice, you will become comfortable with certain clubs for certain distance.  I know of people who limit their choices to two clubs for chipping: a wedge and perhaps a seven iron.  By eliminating the other choices allows you to get comfortable with what a particular club is going to do for your stroke, then adapt the circumstance to the club.

You Can Use the “One Club Fits All Shots” Approach, but it Takes Work

For my part, I rather go against conventional teaching and only use a pitching wedge.  I suppose that’s because I normally will work on my chipping for an hour or more, and I use about ten balls and chip away.  Mark it up to my laziness for not going back to use different clubs for different chips, but I’ve gotten so used to making the wedge work for everything long and short and that’s what I use.

Politically Incorrect Golf Shots

Certainly for the long chips they become mini-pitches, but I’ve gotten to the point where it has become comfortable for me.  If I’m away from the game awhile and become rusty, this way of making the long chip becomes much less reliable.  So anyone not working on their game on a continual basis should adapt the chip with the longer run of the ball.

There is one great advantage to the pitch shot across the green, and it’s that if you can drop the ball where you want consistently, you can take much of the guesswork out of reading the green.  For instance, if the pin is cut downhill and side hill, you can try to gently drop your shot at the top of the break.  You will have a much better chance of getting the ball closer than trying to slow down a chip and run shot.  The more you practice these difficult shots, the better your chance of pulling them off.



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