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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

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Short Chip

Use a Hybrid Putting Stroke for Your Short Chip

The short chip really is the easiest of all the chip shots around the green, much easier than the longer chip.  But every golfer that fights this shot has problems because they make it too complex.  If the ball is in a good lie, or even if it isn’t so good but you can get your club on it without having to dig it out of tall grass, simply use a good putting stroke on it.  The only difference is with the putter you would hit the ball cleanly without touching the ground.  With this stroke you don’t want to pick the ball, but make light contact with the ground after you have struck the ball.

What Makes this Shot As Easy As a Putt?

chip shots

Proper Foot Position for the Chip Shot

I think many golfers become fearful of this shot because they feel they have to do more to execute the shot than is required.  In other words, they can’t believe the shot is as simple as it is.  I remember my big revelation came a few years ago.  I was walking to the driving range and I saw a woman hitting short chips on the practice green.

I didn’t know who she was, but every ball I saw her hit was a copy of the previous one: she unhurriedly brought the wedge back a short distance and brought the club through the ball.  Every ball popped into the air a little, landed on the green and rolled slowly to the hole.  Everything either went in or went about two inches by the hole.  The beauty of the shot was its simplicity.  It looked like anyone could make that shot, and on a routine basis.

I of course went to work on the same stroke, and in no time I was hitting chips just as consistently as she was.  Once you have that putting stoke down, you simply make adjustments to where your landing area will be, and adjust the speed of the club head into the ball by the distance you bring the club head back.  If at all possible choose your landing area to be on the green, because that is where you will get your truest bounce and roll.

Not Every Lie Will Be Perfect, Even Around the Green

short chips

Golf After 50

The way to play the chip as described above are when the ball is lying in an ideal position, but you might be confronted with a lie that is less than perfect.  If you have to play a shot out of deep rough, you should probably scale back objectives considerably.  First, even though it might not be far from the hole, getting it near is not your thought process.  Popping it out should be your objective, and if you can get it close, so much the better.

First, move the ball back in your stance, use a lofted club (if it’s really deep you might need a sand wedge or lob wedge), and you must swing longer and more upright.  You may need a little creativity here, but like with a sand shot you have to hit it aggressively to assure that you will get out in one shot.



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