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Great Book Offer

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Common Golf Bets that Make the Game Fun

Common Golf Bets- and How to Win Them

It is said golf is an individual game, because it’s just you against the golf course.  But on another level it is a social game, where friends or business acquaintances can get together and bond.  Many of us prefer just playing the game on an individual basis when we are in the company of others, but sometimes it’s fun to play games against each other.  There are a variety of common golf bets that have been devised.  You can keep score when playing one of these games, but often the strategy to winning is not to make shots that may be optimum for a lower score.

Let’s Examine a Few Common Golf Bets


Nassau.  Said to have originated at the Nassau Country Club in New York, it is pretty straightforward.  You bet a certain amount (a Nassau) for winning the front side, the back side, and total score.  If you bet a $10 Nassau and win the front side, lose the back side, but win total score, you win $10.  It can get complicated by pressing, which is basically a double-or-nothing challenge on the last hole from the player that’s behind.  A small Nassau can grow into some substantial money, so if you get behind know how your game is feeling before pressing on 18.

Skins.  Not many people knew much about this game until a few years ago when one of the television networks taped four prominent golfers of the time and played it over Thanksgiving weekend.   For a while after it seemed everyone was playing skins.  Players bet a certain amount on each hole, and if two players tie, the bet is carried over and added to the next hole.  If several holes in a row do not have a winner, the amount can build up as the round progresses.  In order to win the hole a player has to have the lowest score outright, so the player that takes risks will have a chance for the greatest payoff.  So it doesn’t matter if you play well overall, as long as you play well on the “money” holes.


Snake.  This game can be used as a side-bet to put more pressure on putting.  The first player to three-putt earns a snake, and it stays with him until someone else three-putts.  If a snake is worth $3 and there is not another three-putt for four holes, the first player to three-putt owes the others $12, but of course can start collecting from the player who now owns the snake.  This obviously encourages lag putting, or keeping the first putt close.

Bingo Bango Bongo.  This is one game that can drive you crazy trying to keep up with the points, as there are three on every hole.   One is for the first golfer on the green (bingo), one is for the closest to the hole when everyone is finally on the green (bango), and the last is the one who is first in the hole (bongo).   There is a real strategy to this game, and much of it does not necessarily involve good golf.  Laying back and taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves often is the key to picking up points.

Keeping track of all these wagers will often require an accountant and a ledger book.  But modern technology can help.  There are actually apps such as GolfMoolah for the Apple iPhone to keep track of all of this.  But it can add a lot of fun to the game of golf.


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