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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Golf Bunker Shot- It Really Isn’t All that Hard

Make the Golf Bunker Shot Easy

The golf bunker shot will be one of those shots that strikes fear into just about every high-handicap golfer playing the game.  It’s ironic how the more accomplished and professional golfer doesn’t view the shot with the least bit of apprehension.  In fact, professionals would much rather play a ball from the sand trap as opposed to deep rough, as they have greater command with the ball when it’s in sand.  Nevertheless it is critical to know how to carry out this golf shot to maintain a complete short game.

Breaking Down the Golf Bunker Shot

So let’s break down the variation.  To start with we will acknowledge that while pros are very at ease executing the golf shot, statistically only a few can get up and down in two greater than 60% of the time.  That affirms that you shouldn’t set your expectations too high.  Getting out in a single shot and two putting needs to be considered a success.

Then, bear in mind the most important dissimilarity with the sand shot versus every other shot: a green side golf bunker shot you must never hit the golf ball first.  That will go opposite to all of the thinking on ball striking, and until you really feel confident hitting sand shots that way of thinking may work against you.  So your target should be as much as two inches in back of the golf ball, force the club all the way through the sand and let the sand take the ball to the green.

Make Sure You Follow Through on the Golf Bunker Shot

Mastering Golf''s Toughest Shots

Mastering Golf”s Toughest Shots

It all appears pretty straightforward, and there really will not be a great deal (relative to a standard golf shot) of margin for error.  The following step could possibly get dicey, and that is blasting your golf ball out.  It actually should not be regarded as finesse shot, since when you try to finesse the golf ball out you won’t have the power of the club head necessary for getting through all that sand.  Most high-handicap players get the club head to the sand, feel its resistance and stop.  And naturally the sand stays where it is, and so does your golf ball.

To make sure this never happens, make sure you stay balanced within your stance (that is why you will dig your feet into the sand when setting up), and then speed up all through the sand, at all times finishing high.  Although some teaching is going to say to always have a square stance to the ball, in my case particularly on shorter golf shots I open my stance.  This makes it a lot easier to speed up through your golf ball, as you will not lock the hips using an  open stance.

One last thing to watch out for with the sand shot and you should be ready to blast them out.  Which is, keep your hands leading through the golf ball, or in other words you shouldn’t make an effort to flip your ball out using a wrist action.  When you look at your sand wedge, you will see that it is highly lofted.  As you halt your arm movement and flip the club face, the loft of your club becomes even more pronounced, nearly to the point of being level with the sand.  As opposed to the club face grabbing the sand and the golf ball and launching the whole thing to the green, the face of the golf club cuts beneath the ball, leaving the ball in the sand.

This is only a starter’s course on sand play.  In a different article I’ll elaborate on the various kinds of sand shots and the way they all should be played a little differently.  But if you are able to grasp these points, you should have the positive mindset for getting out from the sand anytime.


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