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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Golf Putting Tips that We Guarantee Will Improve Your Putting

Golf Putting Tips that Anyone Can Use

GOLF The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever!

GOLF The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever!

With a few golf putting tips, it’s not hard to be a decent putter.  These fundamentals if followed will definitely improve your putting and your short game if you have been struggling.  We strongly feel that based on the golf putting tips we will demonstrate here will help anyone to putt at least adequately.  Notwithstanding the very fact that all of us three putt, most golfers agree that those will be undeniably the wasted golf strokes that are easiest to deal with.  To end your three putting woes, these golf putting tips  deal with five areas that should help you to put a stop to three putting woes.

5 Bits of Putting Advice

1. The first of our golf putting tips is to get it within two feet.  If you are in three putt territory, or maybe the very challenging downhill or side hill golf putt, imagine simply putting the golf ball within a two foot radius from the hole.  Using this large of an area to shoot for, stress will be reduced, and greater relaxation is going to breed far more consistency.  Only don’t take that short putt for granted.

2. Try to leave yourself with an easy, uphill second putt.  To term it in a different way, if you will miss, miss on the downside of the target.  A four foot straight, uphill putt isn’t all that hard.  Just hit it straight.  However a two foot, downhill putt which includes a break is generally precarious.

3. Bring the putter back less.  This point is not only valid to end three putting, but in general to improve putting, and that’s to take the putter back a lesser distance, and speed up through the ball.  This permits for greater control of the putting stroke.  Increased control is gained through acceleration, versus trying to “feel” your path through impact.  This doesn’t just allow that you hit the golf ball cleaner, but additionally by bringing the putter back a smaller distance, you will have better chance of maintaining it on line throughout the putt.

4. Put into practice the square to square putting method.  With this easy tactic to use the putter, the blade is going to travel directly back, hitting the ball squarely at impact, and finishing at the hole.  As with each technique in the game, the more basic they are, the more consistent you may become.

5. Our last of our golf putting tips is to recognize your actual target.  On lengthier putts, concentrate on the target, which isn’t inevitably the hole.  Your target could be two inches off to the right of the hole, should you anticipate the break of the green being two inches.  At the outset decide on the break, which might be misleading.  Check the overall shape of the green when you come close to it from your fairway.  If the general contour is inclined in the direction of water, as many do for correct water drainage, that will factor into the break in the green that you study the green.  Other factors that could influence break are speed of the greens (faster greens generally will break greater), how the grass lies following cutting, and powerful wind.

Golf Putting Tips

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Control Putting Distance

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