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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Hole Your Chip Shots with Greater Regularity

Improved Chip Shots will Quickly Lower Your Scores

If your goal is to improve your short game and reduce your golf scores, the very best way is to enhance your chip shots strategy to the point that you can hole your chip shots with regularity. A sound chipping game is a critical component of the golf short game. By adding a variety of chip shots to your arsenal you will be able to easily improve your golf scores.

Here are some simple tips to help you chip to improve your technique so you can execute precise chip shots:


  • Maintain equal light grip pressure
  • Play the ball back in the stance with your hands forward
  • Maintain the knee flex at all times
  • Keep a constant head position
  • Have your hands lead the club head through impact
  • Increase speed the club head through the ball

In addition to excellent technique, the delivery of a chip shot demands exceptional touch and feel. Maintain soft grip pressure during the stroke and you have the ability to feel the club head at all times. This is a necessity for hitting consistent and accurate chip shots.

Here Are the Many Tools to Use for Chip Shots

Beneath are four of my preferred mini chipping tips. I use all of these shots during an average round of golf. These tips have consistently helped me to conserve strokes close to the green.

Classic Golf Instruction

Classic Golf Instruction

The Chunk and Run Chip Shot – This golf shot is invaluable for when you need to play from heavy rough close to the green. It’s almost impossible to decide where to hit behind the golf ball for a chip that sits down in the rough. Either you don’t hit the shot hard enough, chunk it, or hit it thin. To play the chunk and run chip shot set up with the golf ball slightly back of middle in your stance and the hands ahead of the golf ball. Concentrate on a spot two to three inches behind the ball where the club must enter the grass. Use a short follow-through and alter the speed of the golf swing based on the how far you want the golf ball to travel. Hit this shot comparable to a bunker shot with an reduced follow-through.

The Low Runner Chip Shot – For a consistent chip shot which lands, takes one hop and consistently rolls out every time this is the choice. Place the ball slightly back of middle with your hands set forward. This is mainly a dead wrist chip shot; however, I do use a slight setting of the wrists. Feel like you close the club face down at contact and trap the golf ball. Last but not least, finish with the toe of the club facing the target as doing so will allow the golf ball to turn over and run with a consistent role each time.

The Soft Floating Chip – When you have very little green to work with and want to land the shot softly this is the shot to hit. Set up with the face open and golf ball in front of center. Feel like you carry the club head to the hole and keep the club face pointing in the direction of the sky throughout the follow-through. As this shot will come out high and soft ensure you hit it hard enough.

The Flop Chip – This is the shot you see the professionals use on television when they have a small landing area and need to hit a high shot that stops swiftly. Set up left of target, open the club face and play the ball inside your front heal. Take the club back a bit upright, swing along your stance line and hit hard left through impact. Use either a 56 or 60 degree wedge for this shot, speed up the club and make sure to keep the club face pointing to the sky.

Practice your technique and some of these particular golf tips for chipping on the range before you try them on the course. You need to become comfortable as to which chip shot should be applied in a particular situation. Keep in mind to be positive with the shot selection and always see the golf ball ending close to the hole.

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