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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

How to Be a Golf Instructor- It Takes More than Talent for the Game

Just Not Talent on How to Be a Golf Instructor

So you think you would like to teach golf to youthful or beginner golfers.  How to be a golf instructor can be a great experience, and nearly all golf instructors will let you know they like what they do.  But that is because golf teachers who don’t like what they do are not, or should not be golf teachers for long.  It certainly takes knowledge, experience and skill to instruct the game correctly.  But it also takes patience plus a passion for the game.  You must approach your craft with energy and enthusiasm, in addition to a genuine ability to like people despite all their faults and inconsistencies.

Vital on How to Be a Golf Instructor Is Knowing the Basics

Knowing the basics in every area in the game is vital.  One can find varying approaches to get to the identical point, such as the putting game, and it will be up to a good teacher to discover the path that every particular student can follow which is easiest for them.  That demands understanding dissimilar approaches to accomplish a similar thing, instead of a narrow, one-way fits all line of attack.  Knowing different ways to get a similar thing accomplished is something the golf instructor must be able to do which a ordinary player does not have to concern himself with.


Then you need to possess the “people skills”.  There’s a story of Lee Trevino, before he became known as a tour professional, was eking out a livelihood giving lessons, along with of course hustling (but that’s another story).  In getting exasperated with a golfer who was having difficulties, he advised the student to get rid of his golf clubs and give up the sport forever.  Obviously he was a terrific golfer but not a terrific coach.

Patience Is Necessary for How to Be a Golf Instructor

Patience is really a necessity  for every teaching job, and it has to run exceptionally deep.  Whenever you are attempting to teach a skill to someone who has absolutely no skill (and probably never will), if you worry about them receiving something from the sessions there is going to be frustrations.  Owning the wisdom to grasp what the learner will be skilled enough to achieving and trying to achieve that, and doing it with a cheerful attitude does require a special person.

Teaching Kids Golf

Teaching Kids Golf

The final point I wish to touch on is keeping an increased energy level.  Your student may show up at the golf course without a great deal energy, and although it can be annoying if they aren’t ready to do the task, the golf instructor will have to be prepared.  Recall back at school when a teacher would amble into the room prior to class looking like he were hung-over?  It straight away sent a sign to everyone in the class that nothing was going to get accomplished that day.  Being able to be enthusiastic about your craft, and then inspire enthusiasm with the student will be one of the foundation blocks to teaching.

Being a golf instructor may sound like a fun job, and it will be.  But it requires a special type of person.  There is an expression which states:  Those who can: Do and those who can’t: teach.  But the best teachers have to have some ability to “do”, as well as lots of other abilities that the “doers” of the world do not have to concern themselves with.


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