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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Here Are Some Ways to Improve Your Golf Iron Shots

Improve Your Golf Iron Shots

Even though we all want to hit long drives for your golflonggame, the key to much better scoring is to find out how to hit golf iron shots more consistently. How frequently have you hit a stellar drive and ended up with a double bogey due to a bad iron shot. You will make more pars and birdies by hitting shots near the pin with your irons. Let’s actually glimpse at our short game and how to hit irons and reduce our golf scores.

Focus on Tempo for Your Best Golf Iron Shots

Hitting accurate iron shots is directly related to golf swing tempo. It is impossible to regularly hit the ball close to the hole if you’re swinging too hard. To control your irons you must square the club at impact on a consistent basis. Always start the club back smoothly to initiate the back swing. At the top of the golf swing, feel like you are slowing down to begin the downswing. This should put the club in the correct position and square the face at impact.

Maintain Equal Grip Pressure

Golf Irons

To play good golf you must possess excellent feel. The way to acquire this is to have  constant  grip pressure throughout the swing. This will allow you to sense the club head during the entire golf swing.  Gripping the club to hard lessens your feel, and thus, your ability to consistently generate solid contact with the golf ball. Grip the club softly for a lot more accurate iron shots.

Hit Down on the Shot

Making great contact with the golf ball is the only way to hit solid iron shots. Do you hit a lot of fat and thin shots? This frequently is a result of either sliding to much with the body or lifting the upper body at impact. Sense that your chest is over the golf ball at impact, maintain your knee flex and hit down on the golf ball. You will see much more consistency with your irons by  focusing on these swing keys.

To hit accurate iron shots you have to keep your head stable and behind the ball at impact. Don’t be rigid with the head during the swing, but keep a similar level throughout. No bobbing up and down. If your head moves a lot throughout the golf swing the upper body will follow resulting in inconsistent iron play.

Have a Consistent Swing Plane

A consistent swing plane is a necessity for accurate iron play. How do you manage to do this? Start out by maintaining the flex in your knees throughout the swing. This will keep you from altering your spine angle throughout the swing,  and raising the torso. As you take the club back, have the butt end face down at a line behind the ball on the aim line. This should keep you from picking the club up. Last but not least, sense as if the shaft of the club follows the same arc on both back swing and downswing.

Make a Good Finish

Finishing the swing every time helps make for precise iron shots. Concentrate on holding your finish until the ball lands on the green. Doing so will improve your balance, create more solid contact and add consistency to your ball striking.



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