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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

The Sand Shot- How to Improve them Around the Green

Improve Your Sand Shot

Bunker shots scare  a lot of  golfers. On the other hand, golfing professionals and low handicap amateurs prefer the sand shot, as it is better to be in a bunker instead of long grass close to the green. The main reason for this is it’s easier to control spin and distance from a bunker. A golfing bunker shot involves displacing the sand under the ball instead of hitting the ball itself. Let’s focus on how to hit a lot more consistent sand shots and improve our bunker play understanding the mechanics of the sand wedge.

Clip the Tee

Pretend there is a tee under the ball. Focus on clipping the tee and not striking at the golf ball. This should ease any nervousness you may possess regarding leaving the golf ball in the bunker. Make sure you see a spot under the golf ball right after it has left its place.

When Attempting this Shot, Think “Move the Sand”

Your only goal when hitting a bunker shot is to move the sand. Don’t consider hitting the ball. Rather, focus on moving the sand beneath the golf ball.


Remember, the sand should propel the ball ahead without the club face ever making contact with the golf ball. You’ll get up and down more over and shave strokes off your

Stay Aggressive

Take a nice long golf swing and follow through. Be aggressive with your tempo. Don’t be afraid to make a great swing at the golf ball.

Open Your Club face and Stance

For a fundamental golf bunker shot, open up the club face and then take your grip. This will result in correct club and hand position at impact. Next, open up the stance and play the golf ball off your left heel. This should guarantee the club face stays open. Keep in mind, swing through the golf ball and not at the golf ball.

Golf Has Never Failed Me: The Lost Commentaries of Legendary Golf Course Architect, Donald J. Ross

Golf Has Never Failed Me: The Lost Commentaries of Legendary Golf Course Architect, Donald J. Ross

Weight on Left Side

Start off with the weight on your left side and retain it there. Don’t sway on the back swing. Also, swing the club on the line you desire the ball to travel.

Light Grip Pressure

Maintain light grip pressure throughout the golf swing. This should allow the club head to swing with no manipulation and lead to a high shot landing softly on the green. The affect should be much more control of the golf ball from the bunker.

Consistent Back Swing Length

Use a similar length back swing for greenside bunker play. Always regulate the distance you desire the golf ball to carry by the length of your follow through.

Maintain Flex in Knees

Keep the knees flexed throughout the golf swing and maintain a consistent golf club head position. Dig your feet into the sand to guarantee a sound base for the swing.  Most important, don’t try to assist the ball from the sand and let the club do the work.

The next time you practice your bunker play focus on these bunker fundamentals. Invest one hour weekly working on your golf bunker play and you will improve your sand shots and lower your scores.


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