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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Make Your Putting Stroke More Consistent

A More Consistent Putting Stroke

Are you surprised when you observe a professional golf event on tv and see the amount of putts the professionals make?   The putting stroke the professionals use to strike the ball is what allows them to shoot low scores.

How frequently have you hit a beautiful long and straight  tee shot, followed it up with a excellent approach only to 3 putt and depart the hole with a disappointing bogey? How frequently do you discover your self feeling anxious over your short putts?

Here Are a Few Putting Tips and Drills

So, what does it take to learn putting techniques? I am going to give you a couple of of my golf putting tips and golf putting drills to help you improve your putting game.


1. Consistency must be a significant component of your putting game. Sure we all need to make every putt, but it’s a lot more essential to get the ball close on long putts so you guarantee a two-putt every time. Additionally, you have to consistently make those three and four footers. Make these, minimize your 3 putts,  and you will see your scores improve.

2. A repetitive putting stroke is a necessity if you are going to execute under pressure and make putts in important situations.

3. A sound psychological strategy including a positive perspective is an absolute requirement if you  want to be a good putter. If you have the ability to brush off a missed short putt or three putt green and refocus on the next job at hand, your putting game will improve by leaps and bounds.

4. You have to possess vision and creativeness when it comes to putting.

5. Finally, a sound golf putting grip is a requirement. Ensure your left hand grip is in the palm of your hand for the right handed golfer. This should stabilize the stroke and ensure that the hands and wrists don’t break down.

Now that we understand what it requires to be a great putter, let’s look at how we can achieve our goal. You must create consistency on the greens by spending an equal amount of time on both long and short putts.

Long Putting and Short Putting Drills

For long putting and distance control, I use two unique golf putting drills:

  • First, I putt to the fringe from a variety of distances and slopes and try to stop the ball right on the fringe green line. This takes my concentration off the hole and permits me to focus strictly on distance.
  • Second, I putt the first ball approximately 10 feet and each successive putt 3 feet past the preceding golf ball. This truly helps me to get the sense for incremental increases in distance.

Here are some putting tips to practice short putts:

GOLF The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever!

GOLF The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever!

  • The first drill requires me to make putts from four distinct angles around the hole. I do this three times, and if I miss, I begin over until I realize my goal.
  • For the second drill, I must make 10 straight putts from the same spot roughly 3 feet from the hole. I do this from two distinct places around the hole. Once again, if I miss, I start over at the initial spot.

To work on a consistent putting stroke, I work on three keys:

1. Focus on not employing the hands in the stroke. Do not let the wrist or hand angle change throughout any part of the stroke.

2. Work on having absolutely no tension in the forearms and shoulders.

3. Work on taking the putter back on the predetermined line by utilizing the white line on my putter golf club head as a guide.

If you  increase these factors of your putting stroke your putts per round should decrease.

I have advanced my putting considerably over the years by becoming more knowledgeable about the putting stroke. I additionally have come to fully grasp that being a excellent putter is the greatest way to lower your golf score. If you devote time each week on the practice putting green and focus on my golf  putting drills, I know you will improve your putting on the course.


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