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Half Pitch

Tension Makes the Half Pitch Golf Shot Difficult

The predominant reason most pitch shots turn ugly can be attributed to one thing in the golf swing: way too much tension.  The usual reason why nerves take over and cause us to under perform in anything we do, not just golf is lack of confidence.  And lack of confidence comes from not being prepared.

Because of the difficulty of the half pitch, and because we know there is really no way we shouldn’t be able to pull it off, we add to our woes by putting undue pressure on ourselves, when the time we should be working these issues out are on the practice tee.  But of all the pitch shots this is much more difficult to master than the full pitch shot.

The Difficulty with the Shot Starts with the Wrist Action

half pitch

The Half Wedge

Even the best players try to avoid these in-between shots.  Many times you will see professional golfers hit the ball to the 120-150 yard area if they can’t make it to the green.  This way they can take a full iron shot to the green rather having to play the half wedge shot, and these guys practice this shot constantly.  With wrist action having to be a factor in the swing, the problem becomes how long and how fast your swing should be.

So we know that because of the greater distance we are going to have to put wrist action into the shot.  But we want to take as much of the complexity out of the swing as we can.  If you are out on the golf course playing every day, eventually you will probably be able to play this shot totally on feel; that is, look at the shot, grab your wedge, and hit it the proper distance without even thinking about length and speed of swing.  But most of us unfortunately aren’t on the course every day.

A Method to Simplify the Half Pitch Shot

Fearless GolfTo build as simplified a swing as you can for the half-wedge shot:

  1. Set up with a narrow (about twelve inches from heel to heel) and open stance.  This will allow you to have a better sense of the target line, and also make it easier to lead with the hands though the ball.  You don’t want to be trying to “flip” this shot.
  2. You will be using a quick wrist hinge in the shot, so get the feel of the wrist action in the shot, with minimal shoulder turn.
  3. Club selection will be a key factor.  Most of us have gone to the rescue clubs to do the heavy lifting for the long game, and dispensed with the long irons.  Since we no longer need three woods and three long irons, we can throw them out of our bag and add wedges.  Along with your lob wedge that you probably already have, add perhaps a 50 and 60 degree wedge to your bag.

Next, instead of having various length and swing speeds to you shot, choose three: a full swing, a three-quarter and a half-swing, without varying the speed or swing tempo.  Further refine your distance by gripping down on the club.  The farther you grip down to in effect shorten the club, the less will be your distance.  Then go to the driving range and check your distance for all the variations.

The advantage of this technique is you are not altering your swing, except for the three swing lengths.  You should be able to cover all the partial wedge differences by club selection and where you grip the club.  Everything else should be quite natural, which will build your confidence in your short game and eliminate much of the stress.




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