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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Playing From the Rough?- No Need to Panic

Playing a Golf Shot From the Rough

Playing from the rough is rarely ideal, but requires a little practice advice on shot-making playing from the rough to get competent at it. All golfers will find the golf rough at some point, therefore we will offer a few ways for executing this difficult shot.  Often recreational golfers, in their frustration at being there and their haste to get out, merely grab a golf club and begin hacking. However, this really is the time to take a few deep breaths and examine the situation. Understanding some technique for getting out from the rough will give the golfer the confidence in making the proper judgment on how to play this golf shot.

Before You Make Your Shot from the Rough: Get Relaxed

My primary golfing tip for just about any situation in golf that demands decision-making is to buy into the appropriate mindset. If we accept the very fact that golf actually is just a succession of adverse situations to overcome, then we will be in the best psychological place to deal with each situation. Being relaxed and assessing the harm by means of a clear brain is going to go a long way in shaping the best outcome. So before we get into a few golf swing drills for getting out of the rough, determine whether or not it’s thick rough or light rough. Just how you will play the golf shot is going to be determined by this.

Golf Pitching Tips for Deep Rough

Deep Rough

1. Golf club selection is important. The first golfing tip is to choose a golf club with a sharp leading edge, like the pitching wedge or lofted rescue clubs. This will permit you to chop through the thick grass and get the golf ball in the air more rapidly. Do not try to shape the golf ball with this golf shot, as coming from deep grass is going to generally convey over-spin on the golf ball.

2. Positioning with the golf ball is crucial. Positioned too far forward and the club will catch a lot of grass, and too far back will remove club loft to get the golf ball airborne. Center to somewhat left of middle works best for me, however you should figure out your individual comfort zone. Also, position a bit nearer towards the golf ball and use a more upright golf swing.

3. Your target area. Recognize the ball will come out as being a “flier”, with modest backspin and much more roll, so alter your target in view of that.

4. Open the club face. This will not only allow the golf ball to get in the air quicker, but as the grass grabs the golf club hosel, it will necessarily shut the club face on impact.

5. Balance. The final golf tip deals with balance. With your weight somewhat forward, swing with a steeper angle to the ball, maintaining your hands ahead of the golf club face.

Golf Pitching Tips for Lighter Rough

Deep rough

Light Rough

For golfing tips on getting out of lighter rough if the ball isn’t buried, think more in terms of making solid contact on the golf ball, having a golf swing with a little more like a sweeping action. Choking down on the golf club is going to restrict the arc in the golf swing, giving you greater control. One of the greatest risks by way of this golf shot would be to undercut the ball, so focus on solid ball contact using a controlled golf swing.

Hitting out from the rough doesn’t need to be as complex as it would seem, but don’t be anxious by the golf shot. A finishing golf tip for getting out of the rough is to be aggressive with your golf swing, but not too aggressive with your expectations. Succeeding in getting out in a single stroke and advancing the ball down the fairway must be the aim.  If you found this article on playing from the rough helpful, you might want to read

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