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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

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Putting a Golf Ball

Just what makes Putting a Golf Ball So Difficult

In theory putting a ball shouldn’t be very hard.  Compared to other shots, you aren’t trying to elevate the ball, making it a two-dimensional issue.  Power, and therefore hitting the golf ball for length, is not a issue, which puts all golfers on an equal footing.  Weight distribution shouldn’t factor in, making for fewer moving parts during the swing compared to other shots.  But when it comes to amateurs, we have all noticed some fairly unfortunate displays of putting a golf ball.

Then why is putting a golf ball so hard?  Since it seems very simple, people take it for granted.  Therefore they do not take the time to find out about concepts of proper putting, and without knowing that don’t practice adequately or know how to practice.


So learn what to do, then be sure to designate sufficient practice time to work on your craft.  To make my point, next time you are at the place you practice, see how many people are on the driving range when compared with those found on the practice green.

Differences in Putting and the Normal Golf Swing

1.    Ball position.  It changes in your golf swing sequence, but should not change in the putt.  With the best putting stroke you are trying to roll your ball over a certain line, and by putting it too far back the tendency will be to “skip” the ball.  By putting it too far forward you’ll likely “pop” the ball.  Ideally your ball should be positioned underneath of the front eye while in your stance.


2.    Golf club grip.  Normally with all of your golf clubs apart from the putter the grips are definitely in the vicinity of the fingers.  The putter golf grip will be placed more over the palm of the hands.  (At this time of course we are talking about the conventional putting action used in the normal putt).  The big difference is to take a lot of the wrist action from the putting stroke.

3.    Body movement.  In the course of the golf stroke you would like as little movement as possible, but obviously with the compulsory weight shift there has to be some.  During the putting stroke you don’t want any movement, and it is quite difficult to remain totally still.  Try putting facing a full span mirror and look at yourself.  You will most likely move more than you may think.

4.    Golf psychology.  The psychological aspect of the game takes on a greater magnitude in putting.  You’ll find probably a few reasons for this, maybe because it is the final golf shot on a hole, and therefore no chance to recover.  Or maybe because we lack confidence over the putt because we’ve not practiced enough.

Putting Tip on Practicing Perfect Pendulum Golf Video from Golf on Vimeo.

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