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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Quiet Eyes for Better Putting

Quiet Eyes for Better Putting make Golfers Better

I have been a part of many different sports, and my observations with all the amateur competing athletes I’ve worked with were the best athlete has the skill to see and break down things better.  A lot of people consider athleticism as the key, but I’ve believed in athletics the competitor that sees the ball, the court or the field and ice is the one that stands out.So when we look at the golfers who are the best putters, tests have revealed that even in putting how we see the ball will make quite a lot of difference.  We have found that quiet eyes for better putting is the difference.

Looking for Reasons, Quiet Eyes for Better Putting Is Vital

Then what exactly is it about vision that will make certain players better than some others?  It’s been said to having a quite eye, or the capability to have the eyes remain completely still previous to and through contact for an extended time period.  Individuals who are average or poor putters have a inclination to let their eyes roam.  This is calculated in fractions of a second, nevertheless does make a great deal of difference.

Those findings remain relatively new, and this is because the technology with high-speed video plus tracking vision and brain waves has advanced.  Using these technologies allow it to be possible to fine-tune the examinations to develop measurable statistics.

These are Some of the Conclusions of High-Speed Video


1.    The players with the quite eyes keep their eyes motionless for an average of two-three seconds, whereas the typical will be 1-2 seconds.

2.    The target for the great putter is not the golf hole, or around the golf hole.  Like a basketball shooter who doesn’t focus on the basket, but a specific part of the basket, the excellent putter concentrates on a very particular location such as a blade of grass.

3.    On putts that break, great putters aim for the exact breaking point of the putt.  That will become their target, never the hole.

4.    The ball focus for great putters becomes the back on the ball, not the top with the golf ball.

5.    Whenever a player gets under stress, the very first thing that appears to go is the quite eye.  The majority, even when they master the “quite eye” skill have difficulty stabilizing their vision when the pressure becomes great.

This technique would seem to become associated clearly with the ability to focus.  Average putters can work on those strategies to improve their putting skills, but there is suggestion that the great ones do it naturally.  So it appears that everyone might improve as long as they grasp what is involved, but obviously not everyone has comparable abilities of concentration, which will factor in.  Also, under stress we will need to have the self-control to keep the quiet eyes skill.  But it is an interesting concept that everybody trying to improve their putting should consider.

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