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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

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Great Book Offer

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Rating Golf Courses

What Makes any Golf Course Memorable to Play?

As golfers we are always rating golf courses when we play them.  Let’s say we’ve not played the course beforehand, we would like to recognize if it really is going to be worth five hours of our time along with the cost of green fees to play.  Then once we’ve played a course, we want to make a judgment about it to find out if we would like to come back.  But when it comes to golfers and courses, isn’t there much more about a course that we relate to on a individual level?


For the point of this short article we will talk about golf courses that the average player is able to truly play.  Maybe within a different article we will discuss what will make a really magnificent golf course, like Augusta National, but unless you are acquainted with a member mere mortals aren’t going to play there.  So now we’ll discuss features of a golf course that we are going to experience when we are in fact on a layout we can play.

When Rating Golf Courses We’ll Use Six Criteria

In asking golfers I know (clearly a really unscientific survey), players look for particular factors.  Some of the areas that may attract us are:


1.    Layout.  This is most likely the most significant dynamic that goes into a great course that we want to play.  We all try to find golf holes that are fair and out of the ordinary, with the best offering higher-risk/high-reward choices.

2.    Conditions for the course.  We never want to play on golf courses that aren’t maintained, and the majority of us have a lot of options for playing on courses that are well maintained.  Proper upkeep is challenging, but if ever the golf greens become unplayable, for example, we won’t return.

3.    Course esthetics.  As mentioned previously, the courses that we like to play we develop an individual connection with, and esthetics plays a significant part of it.  It’s a lot easier to keep returning to some place like Pebble Beach where you’ll be able to be appreciative of the attractiveness.

4.    Costs.  There’s without doubt a value feature to what people are agreeable to pay.  Just about everyone seems to be willing to pay at least a bit more for a really exceptional golf course.  It also typically comes down to how much an individual has: the more wealthy folks are going to put green fees as the least crucial issue.

5.    Clubhouse and staff.  So long as it is not a total mess, most golfers will overlook this if the other factors are in place.  Only one time in my life have I walked off prior to my round even began because the starter was totally obnoxious.  It is very infrequent if this takes place.

6.    Golf course difficulty.  This is probably the least vital of the six for most golfers.  Actually, most people do not think a good time on a golf course is to be overwhelmed by its difficulty.  But for some it’s the macho fixation to play from the tips when their game does not warrant it; however for many people we only want to play on a track that we are able to realistically compete.

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