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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

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Reading Long Putts

Reading Long Putts- Be Aggressive or Lag?

When you read a green for your long putt, that is 20 feet or more, there are a couple of approaches you can take to this putt.  You can make sure you always get the ball to the hole, and if it misses it will go past the hole.  The theory behind this is “never up, never in”, and this aggressive putting style made Arnold Palmer a favorite.  Then there’s the lag putt from long distance.

long puttsWhat Is the Lag Putt?

A putt that is considered a lag is one that is designed to stop as close to the hole as possible, irrespective of if it goes past the hole or not.  This approach is not a philosophy not to draw a circle around the hole, usually three feet, and use that area as your target.  By focusing on such a large area may cause the golfer to become lackadaisical in his approach lose focus.

There are two main reasons why I think the lag putt is the correct approach in the long putt.The Time Course Of Attention During Two Golf Putts Of Different Lengths In A Group Of Experienced Golfers.

  1. Make the hole bigger.  The perception is if you send the ball past the hole it has a better chance to go in.  But if it’s going past the hole by four feet or more, the ball has to be pretty much center of the hole to have any chance of dropping.  This less than one-half of the cup available to the putt is a very small margin for error.  Conversely, the lag put has at least two thirds of the cup, and if the ball is really dying at the hole, 100% of the cup to work with.
  2. Leave yourself an easier second putt.  If player A’s putt is designed to stop at or near the hole, and player B is constantly having is ball go past the hole, over time player A is going to normally have shorter second putts.  Law of averages says player A is going to have fewer 3 putts.

Another aspect of avoiding 3 putts from long-range is where you leave that second putt.  If the area around the cup is flat, your leave area isn’t as critical.  But if the pin placement is in a much tilted area, you will want to leave that second putt to be uphill.  We see this all the time at the Masters when so many shorter putts can be extremely treacherous due to pin placement.  In this case it is probably better to be less aggressive and get on the easier side of the hole.  Read more about types of grasses and how they will affect your putt, and click here for more on the short game.





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