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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Rules of Golf- Know the Etiquette of Golf

Golf Etiquette- Understand the Rules of Golf

We talk so much of the golf swing and other mechanics, and sometimes don’t pay enough attention to the rules of golf, which are really golf basics everyone should know and observe.   The golf game, to be sure, has more than its share of rules and regulations, and so much of the etiquette of golf that participants of the golf game are expected to know are taught only by custom and observing the proper way to conduct themselves.

Booklegger 2012-2013 Decisions on the Rules of Golf

Rules of Golf

A Checklist for the Rules of Golf Etiquette

  1. Before you start, make sure you are familiar with any local rules that specifically apply to the course you are playing.  Then place an identifying mark on your ball and inform the players in your group of the number and make of ball you are playing.
  2. Avoid slow play.  Golf etiquette requires that you hit your shot no more than 30 to 45 seconds from the time you select your club, and if you are not prepared to hit when it is your turn, ask another golfer in your group to play.  If you hit a ball and it becomes lost, you have five minutes to find it from the time you reach where you suspect the ball landed.
  3. Keep the course maintained so everyone else can enjoy their golf game.  Etiquette of golf basics require you to replace or repair all divots, enter a bunker on the low side nearest the ball and rake the area hit from and all footprints, and repair any pitch marks caused when the ball hits the green.  Attempt to get the area smooth enough so it can be putt over.
  4. On the green.  Know where everyone’s ball is, and never step on anyone’s putting line.  If your ball rests anywhere near the putting line of another player, mark your ball with a small, thin coin.  Do not stand where you may be a distraction to another player while putting, don’t move or make any noise.  Generally, the player whose ball is closest to the hole should automatically tend the flag stick, and should do so by holding the flag down and tend the flag stick at arm’s length.  When you take the pin out, lay it off the green.
  5. Never hit a ball when you could possibly hit the group in front of you, and yell “fore” if your ball by chance comes close, and then apologize for your error.
  6. Almost everyone gets frustrated during a golf game, but outburst of temper is unacceptable.  Throwing clubs, yelling, or generally making a fool of yourself is against all rules of golf etiquette.
The Rules of Golf in Plain English, Third Edition

Rules of Golf in Plain English

Rules of Golf Etiquette as it Pertains to Caddies

There is one area that can get rather dicey, because the use of caddies is becoming rarer.  But when you have the opportunity to use a caddie, and for me it is truly the ultimate way to enjoy the golf game, we sometimes are at a loss to know what to tip them.  Rules of golf etiquette says that if the caddy did a satisfactory job, 50% of the caddy fee would be appropriate, and a little more if he was outstanding.

Everyone should respect the golf game, and knowing and practicing the etiquette of golf basics will make golf more enjoyable.  We have a website dealing with all aspects of the that you may find helpful, as well as one on putting for tips on cutting down your putting strokes.


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