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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Seven Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing for More Consistency

7 Swing Keys to Improve Your Golf Swing

To improve your golf swing, there are quite a few parts that make up a great golf swing. Over the years, I have focused on 7 key golf swing thoughts to  remain consistent with my swing. All golfers including myself have a tendency to get over focused on specific positions in the golf swing. A golfer’s ultimate goal should be to build a sound golf swing founded on superb fundamentals which are repeatable on the golf course. Let’s look at 7 swing keys that can help you build a great golf swing.

Leverage Is the First Key to Improve Your Golf Swing

Apply Ground Force During the Golf Swing – Most amateur golfers lose leverage early in the swing by lifting their body. Professional golfers do the reverse and apply even more force which provides them a more stable base in their golf swing. Focus on maintaining and even increasing the force you apply to the ground  during  the swing. More solid foot and ground contact can help you hit consistent golf shots. Bear in mind, a golf swing is constructed from the ground up.

Balance Is a Must – There are as many golf swings in the world as there are golfers that play the game. What golf swing tip can help every single golfer improve their golf score? The answer is keeping balance during the complete golf swing. Focus on making an 80% golf swing. To improve your golf swing, never swing any harder than what permits you to stay in balance during the entire swing.

Duplicate Your Shaft Angle at Address and Impact – We consider several details in the course of the golf swing that we tend to forget to merely let the golf swing happen. Here’s a easy golf swing key that will help you increase both the accuracy and consistency of your golf shots. Feel the angle of your shaft in the address position and then repeat this angle as you return the club to the impact position. The key is to feel as if you return to the precise address position.

The Picture-Perfect Golf Swing

The Picture-Perfect Golf Swing

Spine Angle – We hear much stated about keeping our spine angle the same throughout our golf swing. A constant spine angle is actually what separates the pros from an amateur golfer. Maintain the angle of the back throughout to improve your golf swing. Also, keep your back side down throughout the swing and it will make it less difficult to maintain a constant spine angle. Don’t forget, if your knees stay at the same level through the golf swing you will maintain your spine angle all through the swing.

Sync Your Golf Swing – Once your golf swing feels out of sync focus on matching up your arms and body during the swing. The correct back swing sequence is to swing the arms, turn the body, shift the weight. On the downswing transfer your weight, turn your body, and swing your arms. Get this sequence down and you will sync your swing.

Swing Tempo – If you feel tense to begin the golf swing, there is a tendency to snatch the club back to quickly. Doing so is a tempo killer. To improve your golf swing, keep in mind that a quicker downswing is a good thing, but a swifter back swing results in bad tempo. Start your back swing smoothly and you will improve your golf swing tempo.

Weight Transfer – During the back swing you have to transfer your weight to the right side (right hand golfer). However, this must be accomplished without swaying. The key is to keep your chest and head centered over the ball. Make a full turn back and begin the downswing by gently kicking your left hip towards the target. Once you have completed this move all you have to do is fire your arms through impact.

Make these golf swing keys a component of your practice routine to enhance your game. I know they can help your swing become more consistent producing lower scores.


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