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Great Book Offer

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St. Andrews Golf Course- The Birthplace of Golf

St. Andrews Golf Course

St. Andrews

I thought I’d pass along some thoughts on a visit I took recently to the birthplace of golf, and the place that has hosted The Open an incredible 28 times.  St. Andrews Golf Course in Scotland gives a different impression in person than on television, but everything about it is first class.  From how they take care of the golfer to the famous Scottish charm, you can’t help but being enamored with this place.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to play golf there, but while I had a few days in Edinburgh, which by the way is a beautiful city, I wanted to at least spend a few hours in St. Andrews. It’s about 50 miles northeast of Edinburgh, and although we go practically everywhere by rail here, the train station isn’t in St. Andrews, but about 5 miles away. From there you can reach the course by bus or cab.

Spend Some Time in the Town of St. Andrews

Old Course Clubhouse

The town of St. Andrews is quite charming, and as you would expect there are many shops that cater to golf. But it is a university town, and before it was established as the birthplace of golf the city of St. Andrews was a Scottish religious center. Obviously there is more to the city than just golf.

My impressions of the golf complex were different than what I saw on television. Going in, my impressions were that of a windswept, rather barren area that didn’t seem to have much character. But if you appreciate the beauty of Scotland, and if you’ve been there you’ll know what I mean, you will really appreciate it aesthetically. Even in person there is little definition between fairway and green, so the greens look either very big, or non-existent. I was impressed by how large the complex is: six golf courses, all public, with a seventh a few miles down the coast. That by the way is the Castle Course, and built in 2008 it is by far the newest, but with probably the most stunning views. This course is really a gem. Find out more at

The Old Course is the Signature of St. Andrews

The Old Course is the signature course where The Open tournaments are played, and like I said its public, but not easy to get on. The Old Course is where golf has been played since around 1400 AD, and was originally 22 holes before being reduced to 18. It is closed to golfers on Sunday, and that allows the public to walk the fabled fairways on that day. The New Course is set right alongside the Old, and has “only” been around since 1895. It too is a challenging links-style course.

Swilcan Bridge

Of the other courses in the complex, which by the way is the largest golf complex in Europe, the two courses that make the best use of the North Sea are the Jubilee and the Eden Course. But whatever course you play, the challenging Scottish whether is without doubt going to play a part in your game. If you like your golf in a comfortable climate, this probably isn’t the place for you. If you’ve played much golf in Ireland, you’ll know what I mean, only worse.

But the prices are not close to Pebble Beach crazy, as even in high season the Old Course will cost you 150 Pounds, and that’s by quite a margin the highest. For more information on the course and how to book, go to for more details.

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