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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

How Can I Stop Hitting the Ball Fat

Here’s how to Stop Hitting the Ball Fat

Hitting the ball fat is certainly not as common as the slice, however it can be equally irritating. As with all golf swing mechanics, as soon as you realize exactly what you are doing wrong, you can start fixing it.  When trying to improve this problem, it’s nearly impossible to see exactly what you are doing wrong without someone’s assistance. If you can, get yourself a golfing pal to watch your golf swing, and ask her or him to be looking for the items mentioned below.

First, See if You Are Dropping Your Back Shoulder

In the event that you discover yourself to be hitting irons fat, you are probably dropping the rear shoulder. This is the one that’s furthest from the target: right shoulder for right-handed golfers, left shoulder for left-handed golfers.  Whenever your rear shoulder drops, the club hits the ground before it ought to, resulting in a messy shot. Generally, hitting the ball fat occurs when a player tries to swing too hard, creating the downswing to begin with a lot of hip movement.

The "simple Golf" Swing: Golf For The Rest Of Us

The “simple Golf” Swing: Golf For The Rest Of Us

As an example, try this basic swing advice. Take a club and assume your normal address. Bring the club up to the very top of your back swing and halt. With the club at the very top, slip your hips toward the target area, horizontally, and discover what occurs to your rear shoulder. It naturally dips straight down at the same time!  If perhaps your friend is around, do this exercise again, slowly and gradually, and ask her or him to watch your own hips and shoulder and notice if the shoulder drops. In that case, you have probably found the main cause of the problem.

Like learning how to correct a slice to improve this problem, you have to understand exactly how to use your lower body correctly throughout the swing. Your hips need to turn, but don’t allow them to slide. An easy approach to help to make this happen is always to pay attention to starting the downswing with your arms, and let your hips naturally follow.

Hitting the Ball Fat

Another reason for the drop in the lower shoulder is due to fatigue.  If you are late in the round, the body may become tired, resulting in trying to propel the ball upward by dropping the right shoulder.  If you become aware of this as a problem, use more club and swing easier.  If you expect less distance, your mind will tell your body not to over-swing.

The guidelines introduced here are generally simple enough to apply, however they call for some time spent practicing and experimenting. The greatest place to get this done can be at the practice range, which is also an excellent place to get a helper to watch your swing.

As you work on this, be sure you work on all of your clubs, not just the driver for your golflonggame.  Striking the ball fat could take place with any kind of club, and you have to practice with each one to truly master an excellent, crisp ball hit. Many players prefer to start with the short irons and also work their own way up when studying a completely new set of skills.


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