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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

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Belly Putters

Belly Putters and Long Putters

If you are having trouble sinking putts with conventional types of putters, you may want to consider belly putters or the extra long putters.  Although both are quite long, the distinction is the top of the belly putter will be stabilized in the stomach area, and the long putter will go under the golfer’s chin.  Hardly anyone takes up one of these putters unless they have real issues with the regular heel shaft or center shaft putters.  Although many have come to swear by them, there have been calls to ban them, but if you can read the green properly, they will give you a more steady stroke and improve your putting immensely.

The Keys for Success with the Unconventional Putters?

Long Putter

belly putters
First, the grip should be what is comfortable for you, and your stance and posture should be the same as with a standard putter.  Apart from that, there are a few things that are keys to using the belly putter successfully:

  1. Length of the putter.  This aspect is probably the most vital, and for obvious reasons.  With normal putters length is a personal feel thing, but if the belly putter is too long or too short it will not fit snugly where it belongs against your midsection or will not swing properly on the ball without changing your posture.  In other words, you don’t want to be making adjustments in your putting stroke or posture to compensate for a putter that is ill-fitted to you.
  2. The putter top must be in the anchored at the same place on your stomach.  This anchor point must be constant, or the pendulum effect of the putter face that you are trying to achieve will be different every time.  Develop some sort of routine that will assure that this point will never be even a fraction of an inch off, or you will have putts go astray and not really know why.
  3. Position of the ball during the putt.  Where the ball is positioned in the stance, like the anchor point of the putter handle, must be exactly the same every putt.  The good thing about using this type of putter is that the arc of the stroke will be much more uniform than the standard putt.  The bad news is that if anything, and particularly the ball, is the least bit out of line the entire putt will be thrown off.  With a standard putter small adjustments can be made during the stroke to compensate for these variations.

Belly Putter

Long Putters Are a Variation of the Belly Putter

You will see these on the Champions Tour quite a bit, and as Gary McCord jokes, they are the last refuge of the neurologically impaired.  Their main advantage is to eliminate all wrist action from the swing.  The left hand will hold the end of the putter handle under the chin, and the right hand merely draws the club back, and then swings the club through the ball.  This is about as simple as you can possibly make a putting stroke.

Many golfers refuse to try these methods of putting because they look “funny”.  But most of us would do anything, including standing on our head when we putt, if it would allow us to drop a few more ten-footers.





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