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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

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Center Shafted

Use a Center Shafted Putter for the Pendulum Stroke

As we’ve stated, center shafted putters are best used by those using a back-to-forward pendulum stroke rather than an inside-to-inside style.  This of course does not mean that you absolutely cannot put well using a putter than doesn’t match your style, but it will help.  Putting involves so much more than your choice of putter, such as being able to read greens as well as all the mental aspects that go into the game.

center shafted

Center Shafted Putter

While the center shafted putter has always been legal in the United States, in 1909 it was banned in Great Britain.  In 1951 the governing bodies of the two countries agreed to standardize the rules and made these putters legal.  Today, all other golf clubs must have shafts that attach to the head of the club at the heel.

Who Should Use this Putter

Because the weight of these putters is face-balanced, meaning the weight is equally divided in the heel and toe, this is the right putter for the person who keeps directly over the ball, brings the putter straight back and then swing straight through the ball.  The putter face will always remain square to the ball.  Why people will feel this style of putting is more reliable due to the fact that it will be relatively easy to keep the putter from drifting right or left.  You can tell if a putter is face-balanced if you balance it on your finger about six inches from the club head, and the club face remains horizontal.

This is opposed to the heel shafted putters that you can read about on another page.  Heel shaft are the old, more traditional type of putter that is designed for a different kid of putting stroke.  And then belly putters fall into a completely different category.

The putting stroke we talk about for the center shafted putter is also referred to as the pendulum stroke.  There has been some that say that it is impossible to achieve a pendulum stroke in a putting stroke because it is impossible for the human body to move like a true pendulum.  To say that argument is nitpicking would be an understatement.  It is impossible for the human body to perfectly emulate a machine, and we aren’t suggesting you try.  But the “feel” of the stroke should give you a similar swing motion of a pendulum, and that is the type of visual we try to give.



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