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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

Great Book Offer
Great Book Offer

This is a book that will help any golfer take a more relaxed approach on the golf course, which will not only drastically lower scores but lead to greater enjoyment when playing the game of golf.

Understanding Golf Swing Plane

Additional Advice for Understanding Golf Swing Plane

Many new or weekend golfers are happy to just go out and swing the golf club when playing golf.  It may certainly be be fun, but there is hardly any player who is able to play consistently good golf without having the knowledge for basic golf swing technique.  If you ever talk to a player about those fundamentals the concept of understanding golf swing plane will certainly come up.

The swing plane is going to affect the trajectory as well as the direction for the ball.  It relates to the path and angle of the club in the back swing and through the downswing.  Your swing plane will be the tilt of the incline with the club shaft when it travels in the course of the swing.  It could range from being totally upright similar to a Ferris Wheel, or completely flat similar to a baseball swing.  Your golf swing needless to say is someplace in between these two.

Swing Plane Will depend on the Golfer’s Height and Posture

The golfer’s swing plane is going to be dependent on the length of golf club a golfer is using along with his height and posture.  The swing plane for that particular club will be determined at set-up.  If you select your pitching wedge, as a result of its shorter shaft you’ll be standing much closer to the golf ball when compared to the longer-shafted golf driver.  Consequently when using the wedge your slant of the shaft will certainly be more pronounced to the ground.  The idea is always to keep the shaft of the club on the same angle through the entire swing as it is with set-up.

Exactly the same person using a golf driver will have a more flat golf swing plane.  This naturally is due to the greater length of the driver requires us to stand farther away from the ball, consequently creating a less extreme golf club slant to the ground.  When we swing the driver to remain on the same plane throughout the entire swing we previously had at set-up will demand a more flat golf swing.

A Flatter Golf Swing makes it Easier to Stay Connected

Really what are the advantages of a flatter golf swing plane or a more upright golf swing?  Additional things being the same, a flatter golf swing should allow the entire golf swing to remain connected; therefore timing the swing ought to be easier.  The low trajectory which the more flat swing should give the golf ball can make it simpler to draw the golf ball.  The more upright golf swing, much like the pendulum putting stroke, will keep the face of the club on line better, providing a straighter ball and much more consistency for the shot, at least for many golfers.

Much like most situations in golf, the things that work for some probably are not the answer for others.  Shorter golfers like Ben Hogan and Gary Player have favored the flat swing plane.  Jack Nicklaus perhaps was the most well-known golfer that endorsed the erect plane, and in his prime was almost 6’ tall.  For the most part for those who are a taller golfer and stand erect to the ball, the more erect golf swing plane probably will feel more comfortable with you.

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