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Great Book Offer

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Unusual Golf Rules

Unusual Golf Rules you may never need, but they’re Cool

Quite possibly what defines every pastime as being truly great will be those immeasurable assortment of situations you’ll observe within the course of watching that game.  I’ve witnessed baseball for over 50 years, and I marvel at the number of times I see something which I’d never seen before on a baseball field.  Only the most complex games present this great a variety of variables.  And thus it will be for the game of golf where there will be unusual situations that unusual golf rules will be applied to.


There may never be more than a handful of players in the world that would need to use just half of the many regulations within the rule book.  We end up applying whatever we are actually acquainted with (or imagine we fully understand) to acquire a verdict, but still there a large variety of situations that you just try to do what you think will be right.  Then there are numerous regulations that can in fact be strange.  We’ll go over some at this time, not as much an instructive experience but as a fun exercise to indicate how crazy the golf rule book can get. images

Five Unusual Golf Rules

  1. Taking away morning dew from a ball. If you enjoy playing golf earlier in the AM, you might be mindful of how a ball becomes covered with dew from the wet grass.  If you get rid of moisture from the golf ball in whatever way, this is always a two-stroke penalty.  A ball can basically be lifted and cleaned prior to placing it on the tee or after marking the ball on the green.  (Rule 13-2).
  2. Tending a flag. Any time any golfer is standing close enough at the pin where they could touch it, they are in fact tending the flag according to the rules.  If the ball thereafter strikes that flagstick, even though played out from off the green, it will be a two-stroke penalty.  (Rule 17-1).
  3. When knocking one’s shot out of bounds will not be penalized. To begin with say that unluckily you smack your golf ball out of bounds, yet fortunately your opposing player happens being located out of bounds and the ball strikes this person.  If your ball ultimately settles out of bounds, there is no penalty, and get to replay your shot.
  4. Why you ought to know the ball you’re playing. Should you and your playing companion hit your shots to the same place, and you both have the same brand of golf ball with identical marks, which person plays which golf ball?  By rule, both golf balls are in fact lost, both players are punished one stroke and then both must return to where they hit that shot.  (Rule 12-2).
  5. Loose impediments in a hazard. In the event that your ball is in any hazard and subsequently a loose obstacle should fall on or by your golf ball, don’t touch it.  If you do move the impediment it will be a two-stroke penalty.  (Rule 13-4).

These are simply a small sampling of regulations which you will only rarely if ever need to use.  But a good number of these can be lumped into different types for broad set of laws; you just have to understand the broad rule that it will be applicable to.


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