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Why Use the Pendulum Putting Method

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Great Book Offer

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Young Golfers- When Should They Start

Young Golfers – Physical and Mental Training

For those young golfers that desire to play the sport, we want to establish a number of things on how much instruction should be accomplished at each age. The requirements for each junior golfer must be considered on an individual basis, but I feel some generalities exist with the physical and mental instruction for young golfers.

Since kids differ so much in both mental and physical maturity, setting phases of accomplishment for each age is difficult. Below is a wide-ranging guide.

Guide to Training Young Golfers Bases on Age

1. Under 10 years. During this time, we ought to be showing them the overall golf game and its “enjoyment” side. Instruction therefore does not have to be entirely structured, and when too structured could bring about additional long-term setback over benefit. When the connection with golf becomes a sort of a distasteful chore, the junior golfer’s staying power in the game may not continue long-term.

Boosting motor skills as well as co-ordination skills is what we try to achieve at this age, not strictness and self-sacrifice. Encouragement is significant, but poor conduct must by no means be tolerated.  At this time learning the fundamentals of the short game will be more fun.

2. Age 10 to 16 years. Preparation with your young golfer at this point should place importance on superior swing basics and proper technique, the basics for your future improvement as a golfer. I am a definite believer in cross training with sport; that is, participating in other sports. As an example the footwork and equilibrium required in soccer or basketball, or the hand-eye coordination of baseball, can further enhance the skills of the developing golfer. The large growth spurt that’s taking place at this time requires the need to realize “posture awareness”, and a lot of the youthful golfer’s preparation must revolve around this. Self-restraint in training in their golf game should become more and more prominent.

3. Age 16 to 20 years. Becoming a top flight golfer remains a marathon, not just a sprint; therefore developing a program for junior golfers at a stable, steady pace where progress is created week in and week out will be a crucial ingredient. At this time self-regulation is becoming essential, as there can be certain days when working on their craft is not going to be an activity the junior golfer in fact wants to do. But they must forward and attain something that day.


Without a doubt, the body will in spite of everything necessitate a period of time to recuperate subsequent to rigorous sessions, or irritating accidental injuries will rear up and set the training back. I recall reading where Andre Agassi, when asked how he got through working out days when he didn’t have the energy to undertake, held that he always tried to maintain comparable high-level intensity, but only cut back on the length of time with the workout. Scarcely any person can duplicate similar drive for their craft every day.

The necessity to keep balance in your life, both from exercise (not overloading the body with physical activity), and mental overload (and avoid burnout), is significant. Contrary to what people might imagine, professional golfers usually are not made when they are junior golfers. With young golfers we are simply laying the foundations, but the actual building of the truly skilled golfer will come later. Still, when the foundations are rushed, or are not appropriately set, the best result won’t ever materialize.


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